23 April 2013

Married to running :-)

Funny incident at the gym today: Sharmila and I had decided to meet up after our morning exercises at the LA Fitness on Holcombe Bridge. The idea was to hand her over my gym bag after shower so it would not have to sit at the airport parking lot for three days in the car. (I was flying out this morning).
After a beautiful run by the Chattahoochee river (brought back memories of the runs by the Potomac), I ran back to the gym, took a shower and sat at the juice / coffee bar inside the gym since I was a few minutes early.
There was a cute lady at the bar who I was chatting up as she made my drink. Most of the time I was trying to convince her that just because I pay LA Fitness 35 bucks a month to take a shower four times a week in any gym, does not mean I have lost my marbles. I do not think I was waging a winning battle.
Eventually Sharmila showed up and the lady, obviously recognizing her, asked if she would have her usual drink. (This is my first time at that gym but Sharmila uses it a couple of days a week). And then when Sharmila started talking to me, the lady was shocked. I guess, in her mind, she would not associate people like Sharmila with people who pay to take a shower πŸ™‚
She looked at both of us and exclaimed to Sharmila – “You look so young and beautiful”! – once again proving the age old adage that the best way to look young (or thin) is to be seen with a old person (or fat) πŸ™‚ As my good friend Matt Semrad had mentioned, it is always about comparative excellence πŸ™‚
Not sure what Sharmila’s facial expression was to that comment – but the lady had some doubts. She gingerly asked – “You guys are married, right”? You could see that it was getting really awkward for her and she was trying to ease it up. But before I could say anything to increase her awkwardness, Sharmila burst the bubble by saying “Yes”. I was going to say something like “She wishes” and see how the lady would react πŸ™‚
Down, but not out, I also said “Yes”… but put in a rejoinder – “but not to each other”. You should have seen the look on her face as she was trying to figure out whether she was in the middle of a very dicey situation or a very funny one πŸ™‚
After a few seconds, Sharmila let her off the hook. “He is kidding”, she said.
We had a hearty laugh.

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Matt, when I see you tomorrow, I will check if you remember the original context in which you had used the “comparative excellence” comment. BTW, not sure what is going on tomorrow evening but if time permits, would be great to see Shelly, Cooper and Carter. (weekday does make it difficult for the kids though)

  2. By Antara Choudhuri on

    Hilarious!!! Oh, I can’t imagine the young lady’s reaction to your ‘not to each other’ comment! The comparative excellence is just too funny, and I admit, true πŸ™‚ you should definitely write a book! Will be a best seller!

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Lia, it certainly appears to me too that I am fortunate enough to move from one memorable moment to another in my life!!!!


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