27 May 2023

Rewind-Pause: Memories of the incredible Sampath family

Ranga, Meera – do you remember this? I think summer of 1986? You folks were moving from Delhi to Kolkata and the container with all your stuff took its own sweet time to find itself to your place. Dover Lane, right?

I remember the incredible South Indian food auntie used to make everyday and the English and Bengali crossword puzzles uncle used to sit down with every morning’s newspaper.

And when Ranga and I would go out to run errands for your parents, all the neighbors would be addressing Ranga as “Rongorajon, Rongorajon!!”

Next time I am in India, I have to make time to visit them in Chennai!!

15 April 2023

Rewind-Pause: When we were young and the kids were even younger

This was a quick get together we had in the Chinese restaurant in Taj Bengal. I think it was Eric’s first visit to India. Nearly 20 years back!

If I remember correctly, the folks who had showed up included Debatosh, Sharmistha, Kaushik, Arpita, Avijit, Rakhi, Aditi, Eric, Piyali and myself.

I am trying to see if I can recognize the kids – I think they are – from stereo left to right – Avijit’s son, Aditi’s daughter, Kaushik’s daughter, Debatosh’s son and Aditi’s son.

Does anybody remember what instigated Aditi to break into that Bharat Natyam pose?

8 April 2023

Rewind-Pause: Flashback from December 1986

We have the IIT Madras Alakananda hostel (our year) get together going on in San Diego now. Some incredible arrangements made by our local hosts – Ranga (S. Rangarajan and his wife Maya), GB (G. Balakrishnan) and Mani (Mani Krishnan).

Ranga, Madhav and I were reminiscing their trip to Durgapur back in December 1986. Madhav and I were headed to IIT Kharagpur for the Inter-IIT meet. Ranga (from Kolkata then) and Madhav had come over to our house.

We gathered my Durgapur friends one fine morning – Mousumi, Debatosh, Avijit, Aditi and Baisakhi and all of us made a trip to Shantiniketan.

This is one of the few pics that I have from that trip.