11 October 2021

That is not Bengali!

I was at the Fulton County Water department to get some stuff done regarding the new house. The staff was very courteous and efficient. I have been VERY pleased with the Tag and License office there too. For a government office, they are really efficient.

In any case, noticed this sign there. I know a bit of Bengali and Hindi. That sentence purportedly written in Bengali is anything but. Individual letters seemed to be Bengali script. Put together, it is gibberish. The Hindi one was much better – but still no cigar. The word “Hindi” itself is unreadable!!

I wonder how many of the other languages written there have the same issue. Full points for trying but they need better proof reading…

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2 October 2021

Faithful companion of nearly 15 years

Reached the 190,000 mile mark with the SC 430. That would be the equivalent of going around the earth at the equator around 8 times over!

Inching towards the 200,000 mark. If I can make it last for another year, I should be there.

The only other car I had – a Civic, lasted 12 years and 132,000 miles. I had to reluctantly let it go. By that time though, its value used to double every time I filled it up with gas!

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27 September 2021

Small step for a man…

So, I decided to get over my fear of being underwater. I can swim a little – but it is mostly thrashing around for about 25 yards or so. I have never taken lessons in swimming – so have no clue in the techniques in breathing or keeping myself afloat. Moreover, due to my acute claustrophobia, I panic underwater and just want to stand up.

But it is time, I reckon, to get over my fear of getting in the swimming pool.

As a first bold step, I drained the pool. And then got in. It was remarkably easier that way!!

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