19 September 2022

The Gulf Fritillary

Saw a couple of them on my walk with Jay Jay today. They have some interesting facts about them.

These are often called “One Way” butterflies. Every winter, they die all over the US except the warm parts – mostly South Florida and South Texas. However, they do not leave any eggs or larvae like many other insects that can survive the winter and be born during spring.

As a result, every spring, a fresh batch of these butterflies start their northward journey anew!

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15 September 2022

My first mirrorless camera

After 11 years of staying with the DSLR technology (Nikon D-7000), finally made the switch to the mirrorless cameras. Had been meaning to make the switch for some time but never quite got around to doing it. Nikita taking my camera to her college (she is taking a Photography course) and the fact that there is a trip coming up for Sharmila and me was the perfect ruse I needed.

Thank you Samaresh for answering my questions. Stuck with the Nikon (Z6ii) brand (not because I plan to use my old lenses but that I am familiar with the controls). Could not get something to match my 18-300mm lens. Settled for 24-200mm. The camera is incredibly lighter than the DSLR I had.

I wish they made a version without the video capability. I never take any video with a camera (use the phone instead) and could have done with even lesser weight and lesser complications in the electronics.

I hope to have as much fun with this as I had with the DSLR.

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8 September 2022

Heart warming sight

After one and a half days of journey, finally reached home. Freshened up, had some snacks and then headed out to Alpharetta downtown with Sharmila and Jay Jay. Chatted up with our old friends in Chiringa, grabbed a couple of drinks and then settled down by the Green to watch all the cornhole games going on.

It was a very pleasant evening to just sit out and watch the crowds over a glass of wine. The best sight happened late in the evening. An elderly gentleman started practicing some throws. There is nothing uncommon about that. Except that he waas carrying a baby in his other hand.

I could not help myself but go up and introduce myself. I told him that this is the best thing I have seen in some time. Turns out the baby is his grand child who just turned 12 weeks. He lives in Johns Creek and his daughter lives in Roswell. They meet at the Alpharetta Green regularly for evenings out. I told him I will take a picture of him and the grandchild when he is playing.

The baby was too cute!! Again, best thing I have seen in some time. Loving this downtown living!

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