12 September 2023

Is this some kind of mushroom?

While walking with Jay Jay and Sharmila to downtown, we saw this on the road side. As you can see, it had rained before this and this was in a shaded area (covered by trees). It is fairly large – about 9 inches. If you zoom it, it looks like those things you see on the sea beds. (sea anemones?) Of course, this is in land – at about 1100 feet above sea level.

Is this a mushroom? Anybody knows?

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11 August 2023

This was unreal

I was sitting out on the balcony early in the morning with my cup of tea. Everything was going on as you would have expected. The sky was getting brighter, the school buses came by, cars started plying and then boom!.. something very strange happened. There was a glow of orange all around. The sky became overcast and turned more and more orange by the minute. The picture here does not do justice to how it felt. It was like the whole world was lit by a huge orange halogen lamp.

And then just as suddenly, the thunderstorms rolled in. The sky got dark quickly and your run of the mill mid summer Atlanta heavy rainfall with rolling thunders ensued!

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8 May 2023

Beautiful Alpha Loop

This is the aspect of Atlanta I love the most. The greenery. Also the aspect of the old house I miss the most.

Jay Jay and I went out this morning to walk in the Alpha Loop. It had rained slightly thru the night and the trees were still dripping raindrops as some light breeze wafted thru. That rain drenched green color everywhere was breathtakingly mesmerizing. There were numerous birds chirping and trilling all around us. We stopped many times in the walk so that I could listen to the cacophony of all the bird tweets.

I was expecting many more people this morning in the Loop. I was wondering if there was more rain in the forecast that I might have missed. It eventually dawned upon me that it is a Monday today.

Ah! The bliss of not having to go to office in the morning!!!

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11 March 2023

“Murder, he wrote”

Went for a typewriter show and tried a few. I think I am zeroing in on what I want. In all likelihood, a portable Royal (e.g Royal Arrow). Last time I had typed on a real typewriter was in 1983. After my tenth class exams, I had started going to a typewriting class in Benachity.

That old feeling of tactile feedback came back all over again. (Very different than computer keyboards). Also got to know Tom – who is an absolute authority on typewriters. He has a collection of over 100 typewriters. That matches my fountain pen count.

But unlike my fountain pens, he makes some serious money by simply renting out his typewriters to movie sets!!

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