1 August 2022

How strong was that bourbon?

This evening, Sharmila, Jay Jay and I were sitting outside Truck and Tap in downtown Alpharetta. I was having my Old Fashioned and enjoying watching the milieu of people walking by. A gentleman walked up to us and asked – “Did you see that?”, pointing apparently to the sky behind us.

We looked back. And I did a doubletake. My first reaction was – “How strong was the bourbon Jared gave me today?”

And then I realized, I was not seeing double. That was a pair of rainbows in the sky!!!

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23 July 2022

First time reached this milestone!

This is only my second car in the last 30 years (or as long as I have been driving). Trusted ride for fifteen years. And it reached the two hundred thousand mile marker today.

Forget rear cameras or even proximity indicators, this car is so old that it does not have bluetooth or USB connectors. In a reminder of the long past, it does have a cassette player though!! Even the manufacturer stopped making this car over ten years back!!

I have taken good care of it – never missed a maintenance cycle and it has, in turn, taken good care of me – no major breakdowns.

The day of parting is coming though. At current gas prices, every time I fill it up, the value almost doubles!

I still cannot get myself around to get rid of it yet!

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21 July 2022

American goldfinch

I think this is an American goldfinch. Some of you who are experts in birds might be able to correct or confirm this. Can you spot the female of the pair who had just taken flight? (Check on the left side close to the sidewalk).

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11 October 2021

That is not Bengali!

I was at the Fulton County Water department to get some stuff done regarding the new house. The staff was very courteous and efficient. I have been VERY pleased with the Tag and License office there too. For a government office, they are really efficient.

In any case, noticed this sign there. I know a bit of Bengali and Hindi. That sentence purportedly written in Bengali is anything but. Individual letters seemed to be Bengali script. Put together, it is gibberish. The Hindi one was much better – but still no cigar. The word “Hindi” itself is unreadable!!

I wonder how many of the other languages written there have the same issue. Full points for trying but they need better proof reading…

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