1 November 2023

One of the newer Asterixes

I can not remember having read this one before – Asterix and the Missing Scroll. As always, it is wickedly funny. This is a later one. I think this was after Uderzo had passed away. Ferri and Goscinny did this.

Because it is a newer one, it has a lot of ultra modern references which makes it even funnier. An example… the pigeon minder let the pigeon fly away and immediately realized that he had not tied the message to its feet. His words? “Oh! Wait! I forgot to add the attachment!” 🙂 🙂

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12 September 2023

Is this some kind of mushroom?

While walking with Jay Jay and Sharmila to downtown, we saw this on the road side. As you can see, it had rained before this and this was in a shaded area (covered by trees). It is fairly large – about 9 inches. If you zoom it, it looks like those things you see on the sea beds. (sea anemones?) Of course, this is in land – at about 1100 feet above sea level.

Is this a mushroom? Anybody knows?

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11 August 2023

This was unreal

I was sitting out on the balcony early in the morning with my cup of tea. Everything was going on as you would have expected. The sky was getting brighter, the school buses came by, cars started plying and then boom!.. something very strange happened. There was a glow of orange all around. The sky became overcast and turned more and more orange by the minute. The picture here does not do justice to how it felt. It was like the whole world was lit by a huge orange halogen lamp.

And then just as suddenly, the thunderstorms rolled in. The sky got dark quickly and your run of the mill mid summer Atlanta heavy rainfall with rolling thunders ensued!

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