20 July 2021

Our squirrels are as lazy as our dog

I am very sure the animals in our property are take a cue from our dog. Jay Jay, the said dog, is a hunter dog by DNA only. In reality, somewhere in his convenient brain, he has translated “hunting” to “sleeping” in dog language. These days, he does not even bother to react when I enter the room he happens to be sleeping in. Sometimes, he condescends to open an eyelid… but just sometimes.

Even the deer in our property is getting lazy. Today, I came within five feet of one grazing. Did not even bother stopping to see what this car noise is all about.

And then this squirrel. It was happily resting on top of our fence. It saw me spot it. It saw me call Nikita to show it to her. It saw me take my phone out of my pocket. It saw me come within five feet of it. Nothing… no reaction! For a moment I was wondering if it had its paws stuck or something.

I took a picture and just let it be. I think our house is the only house where the humans are scurrying around and the animals are busy resting.

20 July 2021

This leaf caught my eye

Early morning, I was having my cup of tea sitting outside in the porch. It had rained overnight and everything outside was drenched. I was looking at the birds being very busy as they went about their daily bird-routine, when this leaf on the ground caught my eye. Went downstairs and stepped onto the wet ground to take a close up picture. Very interesting how the color difference is split right down the middle!

5 June 2021

Shooting birds while talking to my brother

I think this is a Carolina Wren. I was talking to my brother on the phone sitting in the patio. This bird came to the bird feeder – a clear 20 yards away and started creating enough ruckus that my brother could hear it thru my Airpods. Grabbed the phone and tried to capture it while talking to my brother…

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