22 June 2024

Blog Readers from the World – 2024 June Edition

Just hit the 181 country mark with the some unknown reader visiting the blogsite from Monaco. The world map here shows where all the readers to my blog come from. Notable exceptions include Cuba, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Palau and a few African countries.

Thanks to Larry Mason for helping me with the WordPress editor when I was stuck.

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13 April 2024

177th country added

The country count of readers jumped from 176 to 177 very quickly. This time, it is from Nicaragua. Surprisingly, I have had readers from Lesotho and Burundi – but never from Nicaragua. Also, it is the last Central American country left for me to visit. Maybe once I go there and make friends, I will have more readers!


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12 April 2024

New reader from country #176

Not sure why somebody from Burundi is visiting my blog but while researching about some interesting facts about that country, I found this: Less than thirty years back, Burundi participated in their first Olympics (1996 in my current city Atlanta). And promptly won a gold medal!!


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4 January 2024

My first reader from an enclave country!!

Got my first reader from an enclave country at the turn of the new year. Well, it was still 31st Dec for us – but it was New Year in Lesotho. Did you know that other than being one of three enclave countries in the world, Lesotho has the unique record of having the highest lowest point of any country? In fact the whole country is above 1000m above mean sea level. I do not believe there is any other country like that.

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9 October 2023

Another map quiz for you

On a kind of map streak. Anyways, see if you can figure out what this map is all about…