10 August 2021

Some more practice

Today nobody was there in the rink. Used the main area. Made quite a few mistakes while trying to increase speed. Fortunately did not fall down – came fairly close once though. Also tried mount-dismount motion (three times) in one roll. Not coming as naturally yet…

Need more practice!

9 August 2021

“Here is the crazy bald guy skating”

That is how she described me as she sent this video to a common friend. Tried out Union Hill Park skating rink for the first time. Took her there in case I came back with some extra pieces of bone.

There were two young guys practicing their tricks. To save myself from too much embarrassment, I went and introduced myself to them first.

“How long have you guys been doing this?”
“Oh! about 4 years.”
“Cool. I am just getting started. I am too old for this. But I want to try.”

Instead of laughing it away, the younger kid did a whole old man thingy on me – “It does not matter how old you are. You gotta do it as long as you are having fun”.

I was not expecting that from a young kid.

“Thanks for the encouragement, man!”, I said and went off to my corner.

After I was done practicing, the kids gave me a couple of tips on how to pick up the board without bending. They were doing it in a fluid motion. I was dropping the board all over the place!!

But it was fun! And a young guy once told me to keep doing it as long as I was having fun!!