28 November 2021

Give me confusion or give me something else!!

My problem was that I was trying to follow the instructions. How much ever, I tried, the “other” door would not open. That was because it was not meant to. Those two door panels are the same door (sliding door panels). Somebody messed up with the arrow. It was the door on the other side that was working – you can even see it to be open in the picture.

This was in Atlanta airport…

2 September 2021

For all you Old Fashioned lovers…

maybe I should have written it as all you lovers of the cocktail named Old Fashioned…. 🙂

If are ever in downtown San Fran, do go to the bar inside The Clancy Autograph collection hotel and ask for Fortunato. And then ask him to make you his signature Old Fashioned.

His variations include using maple syrup instead of simple syrup and orange bitters instead of usual bitters. Finally, he smokes it by burning hickory chips.


31 August 2021

What are these?

Do you know what these are? Fifteen minutes before landing in San Francisco (coming from the east), there were vast stretches of colored something below us. You can see the clean delineation between the red patch and the white patch. I could not even figure out whether they were liquid bodies or solid.

Do you know what they might be?