4 June 2020

I know that the stereotype is that kids choose math or med science…

But this could still have been avoided!!! 🙂

In fact, I asked the young lady why is 2 inches the same as 10 cm? Or does linear dimension expand in translation?

Julia – her name – who grew up in the city of Atlanta and was thankful that her parents who also live there did not get hit directly by the riots – at least saw the sense of humor in it and both of us laughed.

Soon all the workers started looking at all the boards around with the same error. I think Fulton county is going to mark me Covid positive just to spite me 🙂 🙂

2 April 2020

What color is my car?

The Taziki app asked for my car color when I ordered food for a curbside pickup. I put in as precise a car color as I could for this time of the year.

Turns out I need not have worried about they getting me mixed up with somebody else. I was the only car in the whole parking lot!!