29 February 2024

Unusual day for me

I had a morning flight. Left home a bit early to avoid downtown traffic. I was a bit sleepy and lethargic as I hit the road.

Once I got on the highway, I commenced to do what I normally do to utilize my commuting hours: call up people to wish them happy birthday. Mornings are usually calls to Australia/India/Singapore – that side of the world. Lunches are for Europe and evening drive back home is for America.

I prepared myself for a few calls. As I mentioned, I was a bit sleepy and had not had my morning coffee yet. Part of me was wondering how many birthdays I had (I think my peak days are about 20) and could it be that I can push out the birthday calls till I reached the airport to just quietly drive there?

Opened my calendar. Braced myself.

Lo and behold! No phone calls needed!!

I forgot today is a Leap Day!!

I do have two friends who were born on this day – one from Dallas celebrates on the previous day (and I had a nice long chat with him yesterday) and another in my hometown in India who celebrates the following day.

Somehow, felt I was off to a good start to the day!!

6 February 2024

Seeing that airport always brings back some sweet memories from the past

None sweeter than those of Sunday mornings when Natasha was a preschooler and I would bundle her up in the car, take her to the airport and standing against those giant glass windows next to the gates watch the planes take off and land. Those days, you did not need a boarding pass to get thru security. We would visit the American Airlines Admirals club where she would always drink some orange juice and then head out to the train that would take us from terminal to terminal for some free ride.

Best couple of hours in an airport for me.

Best couple of dollars for parking I have ever spent!