7 August 2022

Big Door Winery

Went to Big Door Winery for the first time. It is set up very beautifully with artificial waterfalls and bridges amidst the vineyards. One downside though is that it is not pet friendly. So, we landed up sitting in the shade of a tree nearby and had their wine. It was a super hot day to sit outside.

12 March 2021

Back to the lake…

… the first day that Pig Tales opened. Met up our old friend Ashley after what seems like ages… Lots of boats were out in the water taking advantage of the mid-70s temperature. Loved the dog earnestly keeping a watch for rough waters sitting in the front of the canoe.

27 November 2020

Birthday lunch – picnic style!

The family celebrated Sharmila’s birthday with a picnic lunch at Fainting Goat Winery. Usually we celebrate her birthdays in a different country but this once Covid pushed us to North Georgia mountains. We picked up the lunch from Old Mulehouse in Jasper. The wait for food was a little tedious but the taste was totally worth the wait. First time in a long time the whole family went out for a picnic and card games!! JayJay had the best time of his life!

14 November 2020

Kaya Winery

It was a gorgeous fall day up in the mountains. The sun was up, the skies were relatively clear and the wine was … well, it was North Georgia wine. The views were breath taking though.

Folks who know the area will spot the larger mountain in the horizon in the middle of the picture as Mount Yonah. The sharp, sheer face is not evident since it is facing us (we were in Dahlonega).

This is one of our favorite spots – even before Kaya Winery became Kaya Winery. It used to be Blackstone Winery back then.