2 June 2024

From the bartender’s corner: Cadillac Sidecar

This is a derivative of the original sidecar in that you use Grand Marnier as the oranger liqueur. Now the other ingredient is of course Cognac and Grand Marnier has some Cognac in it. So, a bit of sugar syrup takes the edge off too much cognac-y taste.

Cognac, lemon juice, Grand Marnier and a splash of simple syrup.

I believe the “Cadillac” name comes from Grand Marnier being referred to as “GM” which also stands for General Motors who are the manufacturers of Cadillac cars. A bit corny, if you ask me.

14 April 2024

From the bartender’s corner – Velvet Gold

This is Goldschläger and Champagne.

Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps with 43.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and visible flakes of gold. The gold flakes are made from 24 carat gold that has been beaten into wafer-thin sheets by gold-leaf makers. A one-liter bottle contains around 13 milligrams (0.20 grains) of gold.

The gold flakes from Goldschläger and the bubbles from Champagne make quite a display!

2 March 2024

This changes my mind

I have never been a big rum drinker. Maybe the occasional mojito or so but never took to it. I had a big surprise today.

Visited the Case del Ron (House of Ron – for Ron Zacapa Rum) in Antigua to try out their aged rums. Some of the rums have been aged for 23+ years! Their claim to fame is that the ageing is done at altitudes higher than anybody else (mile and a half above sea level) – I am not sure how much effect that has.

But sipping 23+ years aged rum was very different than having your standard rums (like Bacardi that I use to make cocktails). It has a much better and longer nose (oaky) to it and bit more sweeter.

Got myself a bottle to have it neat at home. We might have a convert at hand.