10 September 2023

What is the common theme?

Do you see the connection among the four bottles? That is a gin, vodka, single malt and a liqueur from India. Thinking of doing a few cocktails with India theme. I guess to keep up with times, I should strictly say “Bharat” theme. If you have some ideas about recipes, let me know!

17 June 2023

From the bartender’s corner – Achar Mule (2)

After the disaster yesterday, I tried to follow the recipe with a different achar today (this time it was a chili achar). With equally disastrous results. That Instagram post was either by somebody who is a neophyte in cocktails or I am simply not getting it.

The oil makes it very uncomfortable to sip. Achar, in general, is exceedingly strong on the nose and the palate. Cocktails are best when they have gentle but firm expressions on your olfactory senses and taste buds.

I am dropping the concept of cocktails made from achar here.