7 July 2024

Colorado Trip

  1. Up in the air together… yet another time Jul 3, 2024

    I got rid of my travel jacket that you will see in every picture I take before starting a vacation. She, however has the denim jacket on, as always!

  2. Stop to take a view of Mt. Princeton Jul 3, 2024

    There is a Mt. Harvard and Mt. Yale too!! We got very high winds!

  3. Studying up the details of all the local mountains Jul 3, 2024

  4. Meet our new friend – Sherlock! Jul 3, 2024

    One of the most obedient Great Dane you can come across!!

  5. River Arkansas in the small town of Salida in Colorado Jul 3, 2024

    True to Coloradans, there was a lot of outdoor activities going on!

  6. Trail walk with Roger, Shauna and Sherlock Jul 3, 2024

  7. I want a badge like that! Hilarious!! Jul 3, 2024

  8. Brilliant day in Colorado today Jul 4, 2024

    Sitting by River Arkansas and just lazing around in the sun. Great view of the Tenderfoot Mountain – also called the S-Mountain for the huge concrete “S” built there (for Salida). We could see folks up there making preparations for this evening’s fireworks.

  9. Our ride for some off-roading today Jul 4, 2024

    Roger’s new Bronco!

  10. Drive to Chalk Cliffs this morning Jul 4, 2024

    See if you can detect a natural feature in the foreground. It looks like a natural wall that goes all along the picture. We had two of these on either side. Almost looks like the edge of plateaus. Shauna told me those are called “Mesa”s. Which makes sense since Mesa in Spanish means a table.

    That is Mt. Antero in front of us.

  11. The Chalk Cliffs! Jul 4, 2024

    Imposing in size. The following description is taken from the Denver Gazette…

    “Strikingly white, the Chalk Cliffs are among Colorado’s most unique natural wonders. Not actually chalk at all, a soft clay mineral called kaolinite is formed by deposits from the surrounding hot springs. The naturally heated mineral waters that come tumbling down from mountain, seep into the cracks of granite forming the chalky cliffs. This offers another fascinating look into Mother Nature’s sculpturing skills.”

  12. Resting by the fast flowing Chalk Creek Jul 4, 2024

  13. Off to St. Elmo for some offroading there Jul 4, 2024

  14. Drive to Tincup Pass in absolute wilderness Jul 4, 2024

  15. Hike to Agnes Vaille Waterfall Jul 4, 2024

    We had to see it from quite a distance

  16. Fourth of July Fireworks off Tenderfoot Hill Jul 4, 2024

  17. Turqouise Lake Jul 5, 2024

    On our way to Vail, we got off the highway to visit this lake we found on the map.

  18. The sheer size of these is mind boggling Jul 5, 2024

  19. One more of the breathtaking views on our way Jul 5, 2024

    Check out the river way down there, the two levels of roads, the arch of the bridge and if you train your eyes well, you can see the rail road way way down there!

  20. The sheer scale is stupefying Jul 5, 2024

  21. The near vertical cliffs Jul 5, 2024

    Way way down there, there is a river (you can see) and a railroad (you have to zoom). And people have built houses right on top of those cliffs !!

  22. We are in Vail Village Jul 5, 2024

    In 2021, almost on this day, I had sprung a surprise visit to our other Roy family in Dallas who were vacationing outside Vail celebrating Anannya’s 50th birthday. I had spent some time with them in the Village. Had told Sharmila that she would like the place and we will go back there someday.

    Today was the day!!

  23. From the turtle’s perspective… Jul 5, 2024

    it is going “Wheee! This is the fastest I have ever gone!” 🙂

    Funny sign, nonetheless!

  24. Sounds about right! Jul 5, 2024

  25. Vail is full of funny signs! Jul 5, 2024

  26. Reflecting on reflections Jul 5, 2024

    That picture of Sharmila reflecting on something is actually a reflection on a mirror in the restaurant. If you see the inset on the left top, you can see me taking the picture. I have no idea why I held out my index finger like that.

  27. Morning coffee walk in Lionshead Village Jul 6, 2024

  28. Gondola ride to the top to start hiking from one peak to another Jul 6, 2024

  29. Started the hike on Main Vail Jul 6, 2024

  30. Just before she dropped out of sight Jul 6, 2024

  31. This is when we got tired of the Main Vail Jul 6, 2024

    Switched up to the shorter but steeper and narrower Fireweed Trail

  32. View to the north from the hike trail Jul 6, 2024

    If you can see the highway, that is I-70

  33. Photo op moment Jul 6, 2024

    We were not at 14,005 feet. We were at 10,300 feet. The peak of the mountain framed within the wooden bars is Mt of the Hole Cross (and 14,005 feet high)

  34. One final view before we took the gondola down Jul 6, 2024