1 August 2022

How strong was that bourbon?

This evening, Sharmila, Jay Jay and I were sitting outside Truck and Tap in downtown Alpharetta. I was having my Old Fashioned and enjoying watching the milieu of people walking by. A gentleman walked up to us and asked – “Did you see that?”, pointing apparently to the sky behind us.

We looked back. And I did a doubletake. My first reaction was – “How strong was the bourbon Jared gave me today?”

And then I realized, I was not seeing double. That was a pair of rainbows in the sky!!!

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27 July 2022

Learnt a lot this evening with Dr. Lakin

First time in Birmingham, AL. The evening was spent with Dr. Lakin from Univ. of Alabama mostly discussing how our brains learn and business models around how to help teachers. One of the more absorbing discussions was around “fluid” learning versus “crystallized” learning. I, personally, leaned more towards emphasizing fluid learning versus crystalized. Only because most domains in the world are changing fast enough that value of experience is waning (in my view).

Dr. Lakin’s counter example was “Who would you rather do surgery on your child – an experienced doctor who is done it a thousand times in the last 15 years or a younger doctor who has done it 10 times in the last year?” That question becomes more complicated when you add in another variable though. What if you are told that technology and the science (that is taught in medical schools) has undergone quite some advances in the last five years? Then, who would you rather do the surgery?

But of all the things I learnt, the one that blew my mind was the following. I am not sure how our discussions went to this but we were talking of demographic distributions. The question that I completely got wrong was “What percentage of the population in Alabama is black? How about Mississippi? Louisiana? Georgia? Birmingham? Atlanta?”. I was completely off on all of them! The stat on Birmingham blew my mind away! Guess those numbers and then Google them up. How close were you?

24 July 2022

Ever wondered why the political parties are called “Left” and “Right”?

I have been reading this book on Morality and how that explains the religious divide and the political divide. An interesting fact I picked up is the origin of “Left” and “Right” (in the context of political leanings).

Do you know where it comes from?

Turns out the root of this goes back to the French Revolution in 1789. The members of the French Assembly found themselves divided in their support for the revolution (against monarchy) and against (for the King). To avoid up close and personal fracas, the ones that favored change sat on the left of the chamber and the ones that favored preservation sat on the right. The terms “left” and “right” have stood for liberalism and conservatism ever since!

In a bit of irony, the “left” then were called “Republicans” (they wanted a republic over a monarchy)

Learnt something early this morning.

23 July 2022

First time reached this milestone!

This is only my second car in the last 30 years (or as long as I have been driving). Trusted ride for fifteen years. And it reached the two hundred thousand mile marker today.

Forget rear cameras or even proximity indicators, this car is so old that it does not have bluetooth or USB connectors. In a reminder of the long past, it does have a cassette player though!! Even the manufacturer stopped making this car over ten years back!!

I have taken good care of it – never missed a maintenance cycle and it has, in turn, taken good care of me – no major breakdowns.

The day of parting is coming though. At current gas prices, every time I fill it up, the value almost doubles!

I still cannot get myself around to get rid of it yet!

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22 July 2022


Brought out the vinyl record I had gotten earlier this year from Kolkata and cleaned it. Unfortunately, there are some spots still that messes up the first song. While the movie was released when I was one year old, I had not heard the songs till I went to college.

My favorite song from this movie is: “Tu husn hai mai ishq hoon, tu mujhme hai mai tujhme hoon”

If you know this movie, what is you favorite song?

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