16 October 2021

Saturday winding down

(To) Mere mehboob ne wada kiya hai
Paanchve din ka
(Aare) Kisi se sun liya hoga
Yeh duniya chaar din ki hai.

Roughly translated…

(So) She has promised to meet me
On the fifth day from today
(Perhaps) She also has heard from others that
This life is only for four days

(As a cultural context, “duniya chaar din ki hai” literally means that this world is for four more days… the point being life is only for a few short days more)

11 October 2021

That is not Bengali!

I was at the Fulton County Water department to get some stuff done regarding the new house. The staff was very courteous and efficient. I have been VERY pleased with the Tag and License office there too. For a government office, they are really efficient.

In any case, noticed this sign there. I know a bit of Bengali and Hindi. That sentence purportedly written in Bengali is anything but. Individual letters seemed to be Bengali script. Put together, it is gibberish. The Hindi one was much better – but still no cigar. The word “Hindi” itself is unreadable!!

I wonder how many of the other languages written there have the same issue. Full points for trying but they need better proof reading…

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8 October 2021

My first wax seal!!

If you found my fascination for fountain pens to be too quirky, this will make me seem even more weird. The background is the following – I was visiting the Dallas Fountain Pen show with Larry a few weeks back when I ran into a person who was selling wax seals. He taught me how to put a wax seal on an envelope.

Came back home and sent him my personal logo (the one you see in the picture in yellow and blue). It took me years to settle on this logo. Eventually, sitting at the bar of Milton’s Cuisines with Sharmila one Sunday night, I had hit upon this design – it has two “r”s – for my initials.

A week later, I had my first personalized wax seal delivered. Now, not only can I write letters with fountain pens, I can put a wax seal too to complete the totally archaic process of communicating. Now, if only I could find a compliant pigeon… 🙂

(BTW, you can spot a newbie error straightaway: I had not aligned the seal correctly with the direction of the envelope flap!)

2 October 2021

Faithful companion of nearly 15 years

Reached the 190,000 mile mark with the SC 430. That would be the equivalent of going around the earth at the equator around 8 times over!

Inching towards the 200,000 mark. If I can make it last for another year, I should be there.

The only other car I had – a Civic, lasted 12 years and 132,000 miles. I had to reluctantly let it go. By that time though, its value used to double every time I filled it up with gas!

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1 October 2021

Remembering my father in law…

Today is his birthday. If he was alive, he would have been 87. One of my lasting memories of him when he visited us the summer of 2014 was to sit by the pool with the citronella lamps on, drinking red wine and listening to Nazrulgeeti.

Today’s Nazrulgeeti reminds me of him…

“Aami chirotorey durey chole jaabo
Tobu aamaarey debo naa bhulitey”

Roughly translated…
“I might go away from you forever
But I will not let you forget me ever”

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