5 August 2023

Had to go back to that building

Over a quarter century back, I used to come to this building for work. Made some life long relationships here with folks like Subhasis Ojha, Kang Lu, Jim Mackay, Dave Thompson, Bill Lenson, Mohammad Nejad-Sattary, Marty Flemington and many more that flash thru my mind. Driving on QEW, moment I saw the exit for Guelph Line, it all came back to me! I told Sharmila I was going to take the exit and take a few pictures.

There was a Holiday Inn next door that I used to stay in. It is still there but seems to have been thoroughly renovated. I even showed Sharmila the backdoor I used to take in the office building to cut short those bone chilling cold walks from the hotel to the office every winter!

Posted August 5, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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