7 July 2020

Early morning run

Trying to get back to some running discipline. How I am trying to trick myself is by waking up early in the morning and then getting the physical exercise part done first thing before even my body can start complaining!

Completely overcast sky. The temperatures were low 70s. A constant breeze kept the ambience fairly enjoyable. The humidity of early mornings is, of course, the penalty you pay.

4 miles in my usual trail!!

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5 July 2020

Longest run for Nikita

Last year on this day Nikita and I had put in a 5K run in Fowler Park. Today we went a little longer and did 4 miles (6.5K). It was early in the morning – cool (72 degrees) but humid. We kept a steady 12 minute/mile pace and finished the full distance without any break.

And then did a few sprints after the run!

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