21 November 2020

Did 2 whole miles!!

Somewhat emboldened by the one mile run yesterday and day before, tried to stretch myself and did a two mile run today. Still kept the run slow. Was able to finish out without the calf muscle pain coming back.

I have to isolate the cause for the original injury – whether it was the quick buildup of miles in September or the new shoe I was trying. (For now, I am using an old pair of shoes).

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19 November 2020

Survived a mile of run

To test out how much the calf has recovered, I gingerly put in a mile of very slow run. In fact, it was split into two runs of half mile each with two more miles of walk. The good news is that the leg held up fine. Did quite some stretching after that to take no chances…

Here is to hoping the long road to recovery has started…

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12 November 2020

And this is where the trail stopped….

Since I cannot run with the calf injury still nagging me, went for a walk instead. In about half a mile, I face a choice of wading thru really muddy waters or turning back and doing a pendulum-esque simple harmonic motion between the starting point and water’s edge till I reached three miles. Pendulum it was!!

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8 November 2020

That hurt!!

Today was just one mile. The calf hurt enough that I had to walk back. More like limp back. I can’t believe this one is giving me so much trouble. Usually I am able to get rid of most running injuries with a couple of weeks’ rest. This one is on its sixth week now…

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25 October 2020

Back on the running trail after 3 weeks of rest

The last time I ran was exactly three weeks back. Turned out that run was also with these two – Molly and Bill. You may remember, I busted my calf.

After a painful recovery period – about a couple of days back, I realized that the pain had subsided. Gave it a shot for a couple of miles with the dup this morning. Towards the end, the calf started straining again. I stopped at that point. Bill continued for another few miles and I think Molly is geared up for a 15 mile run today.

The good news is that my calf muscle is letting me run again. I might have to take it easy for a few more weeks though.

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