8 June 2024

Not sure what is going on with my runs

This morning went for my usual 5K run. The first mile was the normal 11:15 pace. Look what happened after that. The last mile was faster than my race pace last week! Another sub-30 5K.

Not sure what is going on with this sudden fast pace running (by my standards of course). Is it that the race last week after 7 years kind of gave me a sudden jolt? Or is it the excitement of the new trail? The cool temperatures? (it was 59 degree today). My slower speed was going downhill! the faster ones came on the uphills!

More importantly, why is not my body hurting at the end of it?

Was my mind playing games with me all this time and convincing me falsely that my body is getting too old for running?

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5 June 2024

I am still not sure where that pace in the race came from

This is more like my normal pace. I cannot fathom how I shaved 2 minutes per mile in the race. Today’s run had all the elements I love about running – beautiful looking trail, not knowing exactly where I was (it is a new trail) and getting caught in the drizzle for some time. This is why I am going to hate having to give up running some day.

2 June 2024

The joke might have been on me!

My race T-shirt brought out some chuckles. There is nothing on the front. In the back it says “If you can read this, I am not last!”

At first I was enjoying that folks would pull up from behind me and come to the front to say how they found the shirt to be very funny.

It is only much later that I realized I might have inadvertently encouraged them to speed up and leave me in the dust!!

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2 June 2024

I had not done a 5K race in a loooong time

As if I got so scared at the prospect of replacing my running miles with biking miles, I went ahead and ran a 5K race this morning. The last time I ran in a race was Sep 2017 !! My normal pace these days is 11:30min/mile. Usually the adrenaline rush of the event, the music, the police escorts, so many runners and so on speeds me up by a minute per mile. I was therefore expecting to post a 10:30 pace.

Surprised myself with a 9:26 min/mile pace. I did not think my body is capable of posting those paces anymore. I am sure it will make the real damage known to me when I wake up tomorrow!!

This will bring some concern from John McGehee – my peak heart rate was 179! (that is nearly 110% of my HR Max at an age of 57!)

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29 May 2024

Putting the morning run and grocery shopping together

The 5K run finished up at Publix today because I was running low on Barista milk for cappuccino. For a brief moment, I considered ditching the plastic bag, grabbing the two cartons in my hands and running back home.

The prospect of the security guy putting in a spirited run behind me like he was trying to take down a shoplifter quickly disabused me of any such misadventures. In fact, walked back slower than normal 🙂 (Okay, okay, the left knee pain might have something to do with it)

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