26 November 2022

Switched back to good old Asics

Most of my life, I have run in Asics shoes. In between I have tried a few other brands like Merrell, Reebok etc. None of them suited me much. The last experiment with ON was worse. I was getting hurt regularly. Switched back to Asics again. The run today felt lot more natural. I think my feet have gotten used to the gel-based soles.

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20 October 2022

Every single year, I forget something

Every year, at the advent of the first freezing temperatures in Atlanta, I bring out my winter running gear.

Every year, I meticulously go thru the list of things to wear before I go out for the first sub zero run. And every year, I forget something that usually makes the run a bit miserable.

This morning, when I woke up, it was 31 deg F. Brought out all my warm gear. I was determined not to miss anything this year.

Warm cap? Check!
Ear muffs? Check!
Three layers of clothes? Check!
Gloves? Check! (this is what I forget the most)
Put lip balm on? Check!
Nose cover? Nah! Not that cold.

Good to go!!

5 minutes into the run, I realized what I had forgotten! I was not wearing appropriate socks! And the shoes have those breathable material. Cold weather was making its bitter presence felt thru the lower ten digits.

I was too lazy to go back home, takes shoes off, change socks, put the shoes back on and go back to running. Just finished it as is.

Not saying I got cold feet or anything but one of these years, I am determined to get everything just right.

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