4 June 2021

My first fly fishing class !

After deciding to try my hand at learning the skills of fly fishing (Hal, your idea won!), I quickly realized that I knew nothing of fly fishing. Or fishing for that matter. To give you an idea, I had no idea that you do not use live bait in flyfishing. And that bait is less of a fly and more of a worm.

Took a five and a half hour class from Ken Luoko yesterday. Right now, I can’t even remember all the terminologies and certainly am totally confused about the knots. Not to speak of the fact that my casting is as terrible as you would expect.

But I am excited to get some gear and get into the water. Sharmila is disappointed that it is catch and release and not catch and eat. I do not think she has thought thru who was going to clean and gut the fish even if it were catch and eat.

At least this should be less dangerous than motorbike riding – assuming I do not fall down in the water too many times…

If anybody who is an expert wants to give me some tips or show me around, please feel free to reach out (but be very patient – I think I am a slow learner)