25 April 2021

Great ride with John

After a couple of months, went out with John again. Knowing John, I was guessing that he would show up with yet another bike. He did not disappoint me. In the 40 odd months that I have known him – I met him at the motorcycle safety classes – this Honda Rebel 1100 is his ninth bike that I have seen him with!!!

He is certifiably crazy about bikes.

Had a good time riding around Lake Lanier and then grabbed lunch at Pig Tales.

21 February 2021

It warmed up a little

Learned the lesson from yesterday. Did not layer up enough for a 45 degree motorbike ride (the wind made it worse). Today, I was perhaps overlayered. Took a very circuitous route to my weekend afternoon coffee place, enjoyed some coffee aged in bourbon barrels and caught up on Montaigne.

Check out my answer when the lady asked me what name she should write on my cup!