6 September 2020

Second stop – lunch break

The original idea was to drive down south from Watkinsville and have lunch by at Gaby’s restaurant on Lake Oconee. But the Ritz Carlton folks would not let anybody without a reservation come in due to Covid. So, we turned around and landed up in Georgia Butts.

It was busy as heck and the food was nothing to write home about. But the weather was beautiful and the lake was even more so. There was light breeze and we sat under a tree by the lake. The staff was very friendly and almost made up for my dry burger 🙂

We had a bit of a scare when Avi’s bike could not start back up. Gave the old heave ho push downhill and it jumped back to life!

6 September 2020

Start of the long ride today

John got his new motorcycle (his 8th since I met him three years back) today. So, that made it one Yamaha (Tenere), one Kawasaki (Vulcan S) and one Honda (CTX). Start of a very enjoyable ride. Instead of hitting north Georgia, we headed out to the south east today – ultimate destination being Lake Oconee.

30 August 2020

Jasper, Georgia

John and I had lunch in Jasper, GA on our way back from Carters Lake. Old Mulehouse was a fascinating choice for lunch. Great food and a lot of outside sitting. In fact, you will sit right at the intersection of Main St and Church St (the two main roads in Jasper). We saw a lot of interesting traffic from dilapidated trucks to vintage cars – and of course a lot of motorbikes.

The city bills itself as the “First Mountain City” (that is what it said on the main water tank – see the picture). Very cute town.

If you go thru Jasper, GA in future, do not forget to swing by Old Mulehouse for a meal or cocktail and enjoy watching the traffic go by…