21 February 2021

It warmed up a little

Learned the lesson from yesterday. Did not layer up enough for a 45 degree motorbike ride (the wind made it worse). Today, I was perhaps overlayered. Took a very circuitous route to my weekend afternoon coffee place, enjoyed some coffee aged in bourbon barrels and caught up on Montaigne.

Check out my answer when the lady asked me what name she should write on my cup!

7 February 2021

Ride to coffee

It was a cold day but the sun was out and the motorbikes have not been out for a week. A 70 mile round trip ride with a coffee break at Barrel House Coffee Company in Ballground. Caught up with Avi after almost a week.

29 January 2021

Quarantining with Phoenix

Waiting for Covid test results to come in. Went for a long ride with Phoenix. It was cold and long. But was worth getting out of the house without coming in contact with anybody else. Got so cold that I had to come back and sit in the hot tub for half an hour to get the core temperatures back…

17 January 2021

Short ride today

It was only 48 degrees (9 Centigrade) and windy but I had not taken the bike out in a few days. Felt compelled to do so. Rode around Alpharetta and then landed up in Valor coffee. The coffee was great but was a little too crowded. Had to keep my mask on all the time while reading a book and having coffee.

10 January 2021

It was a cold ride

I had not had a bike ride for a week. Usually, if it is 55 degrees (12 Centigrade), I will go out. But being off road for so many days, I finally gave in to the fact that it had not rained, the sun was out intermittently and the temperatures were at least 43 degrees (6 Centigrade).

45 mile round trip and I had get into the hot tub immediately to get the core temperature up…