7 November 2020

Fall Color Ride

Had an enjoyable ride up in the mountains today with John. The section between Faussett Lake and Burnt Mountain was brilliantly colored. Just last week, this stretch was all green. All the colorful leaves had fallen due to Zeta.

The Youtube video does not do justice to the colors (blurring due to reduction of file size).

7 November 2020

The 2 Honda CTX 700s

John and I took a break at Lake Fausset. The sky was overcast and the trees around the lake had not yet caught the colors. (We had to go a little more uphill for that).

Here are our near identical bikes together. (mine in 2018 and his is 2019)

21 October 2020

Reached the next 1000 mile marker

16,000 miles in the 34th month! I am very afraid to say this but the right turns are becoming easier – or at least feeling better…

Whether riding solo or in the group, the sensation of happiness while riding is unique. Of course, north Georgia roads make it that much more enjoyable.

As the old saying goes… Four wheels move the body… Two wheels move the soul!