1 October 2023

Ride on a cooler Fall morning

Stopped at a rural Georgia coffee place cum restaurant cum bar – all rolled into one. Needed to check something on my computer. Pulled it out of the motorbike bag and opened up my emails. Asked the server lady cum cashier cum cook cum owner – “What is the WiFi password?”. She looked at me with that “What Wifi?” stare!

Enjoyed the coffee lazily. 

10 September 2023

Cool morning for a nice ride

Woke up this morning after some more rains overnight. Temperatures had dropped down considerably. The clouds – especially in the north had covered the sky and there was a light breeze. Changing up my routine, took the motorbike out early in the morning. It felt a bit chilly above 50mph. Great temperatures for riding!!

26 August 2023

Hot ride!

It was sweltering hot the entire ride to Ballground. But was glad to see Autumn and Hannah after quite some time. On the ride back caught a bit of rain but seems like I missed the downpour that went thru Alpharetta about 15 minutes before I arrived.