7 August 2023

Toronto Trip

  1. By the shores of Lake Ontario Aug 4, 2023

  2. Brant Street Pier Aug 4, 2023

  3. Relatively closer Aug 4, 2023

    Till the other day, if you had asked Sharmila or me where our nearest blood relatives are, we would have said – “About 10,000 miles or 24 hours of flight away (not counting layover time)”. In fact most of them are within about 100 miles of Kolkata.

    Now that has changed dramatically. DrDebarun, Amrita and Debayan have moved to Toronto. Now the answer is – “Less than 800 miles or about 1 hour 45 minutes of flight time away”!!

    Admittedly, you have to jump three generations from Sharmila or Amrita to find common blood. But still it counts.

    I had met Amrita way back when she was in 5th grade in 1993 and this is the first time I met Debarun and Debayan!!!

  4. Birds of a feather flock together Aug 5, 2023

  5. Morning walk by the lake Aug 5, 2023

  6. My first international boat drive Aug 5, 2023

    Took a boat out on Lake Ontario today. You can see the iconic CN Tower and Toronto skyline in the background.

  7. Had to go back to that building Aug 5, 2023

    Over a quarter century back, I used to come to this building for work. Made some life long relationships here with folks like Subhasis Ojha, Kang Lu, Jim Mackay, Dave Thompson, Bill Lenson, Mohammad Nejad-Sattary, Marty Flemington and many more that flash thru my mind. Driving on QEW, moment I saw the exit for Guelph Line, it all came back to me! I told Sharmila I was going to take the exit and take a few pictures.

    There was a Holiday Inn next door that I used to stay in. It is still there but seems to have been thoroughly renovated. I even showed Sharmila the backdoor I used to take in the office building to cut short those bone chilling cold walks from the hotel to the office every winter!

  8. Enjoying a couple of French 75s Aug 5, 2023

    If you have not been to The Pearle on Lake Ontario in Burlington, Canada, I can highly recommend it. Chilling with the bar staff and a couple of French 75s.

  9. No trip to Toronto is complete Aug 6, 2023

    without seeing this friend of mine from eighth grade and his family! Great adda accompanied by a nice walk by the lake and a brunch!