18 October 2021

“Every person is unknowable”

Good old Anand was in town. We met with some of our old friends. And that spanned three companies. Yes, Anand and I have worked together in three of the five companies I have ever worked in – and No, he does not hold the record. That would go to Raj Sundaramurthy – four out of the five companies!!

After finishing with our friends, Anand and I spent over an hour together reflecting on life. In a way you can do, with a person that you have known for over a quarter century. We were talking about our old friends and people we knew. I was telling him how I got to know many people more intimately (in terms of what they have gone thru in life) AFTER we actually stopped working together.

“Well, at some level, every person is unknowable”, said Anand.
“How do you mean?”, I asked, rather perplexed.
“Well, you know a person only to the part they will open up to. You never know how much more they are not letting you in”.

It took me a few moments to let the depth of his observation sink in.

Indeed, it is true that every impression I have of any individual is deeply flawed by the fact that it is based on only what they have let me on to. I really do not know what I do not know about them!!

Think about that for a moment!!

Thank you Anand for once again making me think deeply!!

13 July 2021

Wonderful evening with the Whitneys!!

That was some fun times spent with my crazy friend Roger and his family. I had not seen Shauna, Spencer and Emma for quite some time. It was great to meet Claire too!

We talked about the time when I gained respect from the passenger sitting next to me when he realized I knew Roger personally. And of course our trip to Mongolia. And that time we kept razzing a very young Spencer with “Whatever dude! You kissed a girl!!”

But my best reflection of the evening is that the discussions between my psoriasis and Emma’s tattoos, I think we covered all topics skin related 🙂

Hope we can get the two families together for a vacation some day!!

10 May 2021

What new skills can I develop? You have a suggestion for me?

Had a great evening session with the three Mukherjees – Amitesh, Samaresh and Anindya. One of the topics we veered into was – “what new skills are you trying to learn?”.

There is a fantastic article in The Guardian on this topic of why, as adults, we should keep pushing ourselves to learn new things. If you ever get a chance, read it. And hopefully you will get inspired to start something new.

Samaresh is learning a new language – Spanish. He wants to visit Spain and talk to the locals in their language!

Here is a question for you all… what might be a new skill I should try learning? Knowing me, quirkier the idea, the more I will be attracted to it!

Anything you have tried and enjoyed learning?