23 July 2023

Three separate friendships… put together for the first time

Let me see if I can put the chain together… Prabasaj-da and I went to the same high school in mid 80’s near Kolkata. Prabasaj-da and Sunil went to the same engineering college together in the late 80’s in Kanpur. Sunil and I became apartment neighbors (and colleagues in the same company) in the mid 90’s in Dallas. There is a very interesting story on how I got to know Sunil.

And now in the early 20’s the three of us got together – for the first time ever – at a Korean bakery in Atlanta!! The bottom left picture is that of Prabasaj-da (after a nasty cycle accident) and Sunil going back over 35 years!!

22 July 2023

A moment of rich irony

The band started a new song. It was from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Predictably, they came to the all-too-familiar chorus line.

The stage and the audience roared up with “Hey Teacher! Leave us kids alone.”

Precisely at that moment, the one teacher we had in our table – Anannya – decided to get up, join them and proceeded to cut a rug!