13 April 2024

Have you heard of edible soap?

Apparently, all my disgust after licking a bar of soap as a young toddler was misplaced. Sharmila and Parijat ordered a drink and after the drink was prepared, the bartender put a bubble on it!! Using a bubble maker and something called “edible soap”!!

Hmmm… seems like I need to try this at home!

(In case you were wondering, by the time I could take the picture, Sharmila’s bubble had burst. Literally speaking.)

6 February 2024

Breakfast with retired Lt. Gen. Twitty

There are very few things as delightful to me as having a breakfast with this much decorated Lieutenant General. Most of our time was spent discussing geopolitics – from the two conflagrations in the Middle East to the Ukraine war which the American psyche seems to have already forgotten and the cooling down of the sabre rattling between China and America. We also exchanged points of views on where America is headed in the global stage what kind of America our kids are likely to see when they get to our age!

Given his service across all the continents, there is always new angles and nuances I pick up in geopolitics that otherwise would have escaped me.

Can’t wait to come back and have another couple of hours with him again!

21 January 2024

A day of hitting the hysteresis curve with DJPJ

It was a cold day but with bright sunshine. And I woke up at 9:30 AM – a clear 5 hours after what I am used to. That is because I did something I have not done in a long time – stayed up till 1AM with our neighbors over some lovely food and wine the previous night.

Since my morning routine was shot, decided to completely throw caution to the winds and do nothing that I am supposed to do on a Sunday per my crop circles.

Picked up Dipanjan and Parijat from their house and drove to Big Door Vineyards. After some great time there, we went to Black Rifle Coffee (one of my motorcycle route coffee shops) to wean off from the wine!!

Came home, skipped our daily evening bar routine and instead went off to sleep!!