22 June 2024

Blog Readers from the World – 2024 June Edition

Just hit the 181 country mark with the some unknown reader visiting the blogsite from Monaco. The world map here shows where all the readers to my blog come from. Notable exceptions include Cuba, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Palau and a few African countries.

Thanks to Larry Mason for helping me with the WordPress editor when I was stuck.

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18 June 2024

Give me indecision, or give me something else!

I was talking to somebody from work on the phone while walking up and down Terminal 5 in O’hare. Getting some work done and putting in my steps too. Terminal 5 is fairly long, end to end.

As I was trying to wrap up the call, thought it would be a good idea to find out my gate before I went into the Skyclub. All I needed to do is scan the destination on each board as I walked and talked.

Sure enough – when I came to Gate M7, the name “Atlanta” was on display. The time matched too. Mentally, I did the math – about two minutes of walk from Skyclub. With that, I focused back on the call.

And kept strolling. As I came to the next gate – M6 – out of habit, I glanced at the board. It had “Atlanta”. My first thought was that it was a later flight to Atlanta. But then the time matched!!

Totally confused, I went back to the previous gate after explaining to my colleague that I am afraid I might have a 50-50 chance of going home tonight!!

That was a first again for me… two adjacent gates declaring the same flight!

17 June 2024

Another first in flying!

KLM has delayed us from boarding the plane. For a very unique reason, too.

I have had delayed boarding due to all sorts of reasons – cleaning not done, attendants not arrived, pilots not arrived, plane not arrived, mechanics are still working on a problem, lightning outside, airport closed temporarily, Air Force Two flying in (happened to me once!!) … but never this…

We are all standing inside the terminal in the AC area because apparently inside the plane is too hot now (28 C / 82 F)!!!

I wonder how they will cool down soon. The engines are off (the plane is at the gate). The auxiliary units will take quite some time I presume. Of course, my late dad’s usual suggestion while facing such situations – “open up the doors and windows” is not going to work much either!!

16 June 2024

Tried out the Latvian version of the Pink Soup

I could not taste any difference (liked both of them) but I understand that the Latvian version has marinated beet (instead of chopped beet) and is not usually had with boiled or fried potatoes like they do in Lithuania. This Pink Soup, served cold, is becoming a favorite of mine. (I have been a big fan of beetroot ever since I was a child)