25 September 2023

Blog Readers from the World

The world map showing where all the readers to my blog come from. Intensity of color signifies the number of readers from that country. 170 countries to date.

Thanks to Larry Mason for helping me with the WordPress editor when I was stuck.

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24 September 2023

She got her stuff, I got mine

The one regret I have from this trip is that I did not get a chance to take a picture of the local cactus with the prickly pears on them. I wanted to stop a couple of times to take the pictures but never quite managed to. Michael, our driver in Gozo had told us that the pears are called “Bajtra” in the local language. They eat it. There is also a liquor that is made from it.

What do you know? I picked up a bottle of Bajtra liquor from the airport!! Of course, that means for the first time I will have to check in my suitcase this trip in the last leg from Paris to Atlanta. But I think it will be totally worth it.

24 September 2023

That statue caught my eye

On our walk back, this statue got my attention. Mostly because I thought it was wearing the traditional Indian dhoti! Pulled up closer to check out who it was. It said “Sri Chinmoy” !! I do not know him – but the plaque read:

“Sri Chinmoy
Dreamer of World Peace
Ambassador of Peace for Malta
Founder of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run”

24 September 2023

Hard Beaches

Most of the beaches in Malta (and Gozo) are not sandy. They are rocky but not very rough rocky. Fairly smooth sandstone rocky. Usually, I see people laying on the sand taking in the sun. Here people were laying on the rocks! Reminded me of seals that huddle around on a rock for sunshine!