14 November 2023

Cancun Trip 2023

  1. If 50 deg F Atlanta chased me away to India… Nov 2, 2023

    Surely I had to do something now that every morning is below freezing (30 deg F).

    Looking forward to some sun, sand and water.

    13th international trip for me this year, 10th for her. Totally glad that we got the Global Entry done last year.

  2. Any NFL team looking for a running back? Nov 2, 2023

    I think our Delta pilot might want to apply!!

  3. So, the other day I was helping this kid get on to this pig Nov 3, 2023

    Today, I understand he is getting married!

    Shaan, here is wishing you and Anya the very best life can offer you two!!

    Someday, I need to sit with Anya and tell her that pig story!!!

  4. First, I thought that was a mannequin Nov 3, 2023

    Later, I realized it was my wife

  5. That is a Holy Macro level change Nov 3, 2023

    The picture above is Keya – groom’s sister – (one in dark pink, curly hair) with us in Switzerland circa 2003.

    The one below is she with us in Cancun yesterday!

    You could have knocked me off with a feather if you told me these are, indeed, the same girl !!

  6. Couple of decades later… Nov 3, 2023

    That be the groom’s dad!

    Our photo posing was so bad those days that you can be excused for thinking we were not very happy with each other those days!! Nothing can be further from the truth!!

  7. When in this part of the world… Nov 3, 2023

    … I have to pick up some cotton, short-sleeve shirts (like I used to wear in India). Some of my favorite shirts were from a village about 165 km away – called Valladolid. This time, instead of going there, checked out the local markets – Mercado 23 and Mercado 28 with some of my old i2 friends. When it came to comfortable shirts, the local markets did not disappoint.

  8. Enjoying the heavy downpour from the balcony Nov 4, 2023

    Usually the blue skies merge into the blue ocean waters. Today it is the grey skies meeting the grey waters. Check out the wind speed form the palm tree leaves.

  9. To say I ran in torrential rains would be an understatement Nov 4, 2023

    The last time I ran in Cancun it was 95 degrees with the merciless sun beating upon me at noon. It was while resting under the shade of a tree that day that I ran into my friend from engineering dorm – Girish!!

    This time, I went out for a run in mind blowing rains. Stopped under a tree a couple of times but did not see Girish anywhere…

  10. Admittedly, I was dripping like I was causing my own monsoon season Nov 4, 2023

    This, after finishing my run in the rains. Two property buses stopped to enquire if I needed a lift. I declined, of course. Running in the rains in mid eighties temperature… very few feelings can beat that.

    As I finally pulled up to the lobby area, everybody stepped aside lest I got them wet too.

    At least, I lived up to my T-shirt. “Wine drinker with a running problem”

  11. The view from the room… when the sun is up Nov 4, 2023