16 April 2024

Why the heck do we write 4 that way?

Given my love for numbers, lately I have started reading a book on where do our senses for numbers come from? Do animals understand numbers? (They do – but not the way we think). Does a child of 2 months understand the difference between 2 and 3? (You will be surprised!!)

Now I am trying to figure out why is it that in most cultures, we write 2 by repeating 1 in some fashion. Same for 3. But when it gets to 4, we go a very different way. And all cultures have uniformly decided to take a fork while representing 4.

The Roman notation is the most unintuitive. After denoting 2 as nothing but two of 1 and 3 as three of 1, to denote 4, first it introduces 5 !!! And then the understanding of subtraction!!

Why did they do that?

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14 April 2024

From the bartender’s corner – Velvet Gold

This is Goldschläger and Champagne.

Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps with 43.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and visible flakes of gold. The gold flakes are made from 24 carat gold that has been beaten into wafer-thin sheets by gold-leaf makers. A one-liter bottle contains around 13 milligrams (0.20 grains) of gold.

The gold flakes from Goldschläger and the bubbles from Champagne make quite a display!

14 April 2024

All the bravado about gaining confidence in long runs put to rest :-(

Remember how I posted about gaining confidence in longer runs every Saturday? Well, that could not have been more misplaced! In a few hours, while trying to hit a volleyball in the Green in downtown Alpharetta, badly pulled the upper left calf muscle.

That should be a lesson for me to stretch before and after long runs and keep drinking water.

Hobbling fairly badly now, but can move myself from Point A to Point B. Stairs are also okay as long as I do not put weight on my left leg while it is straight.

Now, if I can put another long run on Saturday, then that will really, really get my confidence back.

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