9 August 2022

This was a first time for me

Around midnight took the motorbike out and put a 60 mile ride in North Georgia. Stuck to back roads. Once in a while, there would be a vehicle behind me and I would let them pass so that I could enjoy the ride in the dark. Interestingly, saw another motorbike coming the other way on State Hwy 20!

7 August 2022

Big Door Winery

Went to Big Door Winery for the first time. It is set up very beautifully with artificial waterfalls and bridges amidst the vineyards. One downside though is that it is not pet friendly. So, we landed up sitting in the shade of a tree nearby and had their wine. It was a super hot day to sit outside.

7 August 2022

Ratcheted a notch higher

Sort of goaded by those medals, attempted a longer run (8K) today. Also, to relive the old days, went back to Fowler Park trail. The good news is that I was able to finish the course in 80 degree heat without losing a limb or two. More heartening was that the run shaved 30 seconds off my usual pace to 10:53 min/mile.

But the trail itself is a mess. Fowler Park trail is closed on one side. There was only a fraction of the number of people I used to see 4-5 years back. And the trailhead was infested with carpenter ants leaving little space to stretch out.

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7 August 2022

Speaking of real life puzzles…

Here is another question that has bewildered me (like that “Enter Only” sign that I wrote about before).

Every morning, before daybreak, I come out and sit in our balcony with my cup of tea. It is very calming to watch the early morning walkers and runners occasionally go by in the relative quietness of the dawn. And then, ever so often, a mail truck pulls up in the post office in front of our house and goes thru the exact same steps every day. It is fun to watch how the eighteen wheeler that shows up around 6:05 will go all around the parking lot after loading/unloading instead of exiting directly. And that is to give itself a lot of maneuvering space at the turn for exit.

On a Sunday like this, usually there is no activity in the post office. You can see many of the mail vans sitting idly in the lot. And that brings me to my question.

Check out the zoomed in picture of the vans. Do you notice how every single mail van has on the roof – what looks like a rusted out brown patch – on the right front (as you face the van)? The patterns are very similar too (the sizes vary a little). Now this being a mail van, this is the non-driver’s side.

For the life of me, I cannot surmise why does each and every mail van have that patch on the roof? Does anybody know?

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