26 March 2023

Wearing thongs in an Australian beach?

Sunday evening routine. Relaxing at the local coffee shop going thru the letters received from pen pals around the world. This one was a particularly interesting one from a couple – Dale and Sue – from near Melbourne.

Learnt a lot of trivia about Australia!! I am no more afraid of wearing thongs to the beaches in Sydney!! (Google it up – what do thongs mean in Australia)

25 March 2023

Canton ride

Slightly unsuccessful hunt for a coffee shop. Headed first to Whitetail Coffee. Restoration Brewery area was a mess. There was a big festival going on. Parking was not easy. Rode to Joe Muggs coffee next. Found out they have closed. Settled for sitting down at Books a Million and catching up on some reading.

23 March 2023

Catching up with the Subramaniams from Bangalore

It was six years back that I had visited my MBA class mate from Ahmedabad and my colleague from my first job – as well as my apartment mate from Bombay at his house in Bangalore. The chief goal was meet his dad. Which I did 21 years after I had met him for the first time. But that time, I also met Kavita, Aditya and Saumya for the first time.

Subsequently, Aditya and Saumya moved to the USA for studies. Today, took advantage of Raj and Kavita visiting them and showed up for the evening at the Airbnb they were staying in!!

Unfortunately, missed Saumya who was a good 400 miles away near Philly. Had a good call with her though!!

22 March 2023

Colleagues from the past

As I prepare to bow out of my role, there are a lot of goodbyes to be told. Here is an evening with two of my ex-colleagues – Ken and Alexa. We had a great time reminiscing the formative days of our company. Got to know the personal stories of each one of their lives and once again, made me realize how much personal adversities people often go thru before succeeding in life. While it was hard losing them when they left, it was unequivocally heartening to hear about the professional successes they have had recently!!