26 January 2013

“Collector of Experiences”


The Journey



Meeting random strangers and getting to know their stories…

Visiting teachers, friends and their parents from my long past just to thank them…

Indian music and Tabla from when I was a teenager

Started running at 39 years

Learnt mixology at 45 years

Spending time with hospice patients ever since I turned 49

Learnt motorbiking at 51 years

Started boating at 55 years

Traveling the world with family… 53 countries and counting

Writing in general… with fountain pens in particular… pen friends from over the world

Picking up some new skills from time to time… not without its own share of failures

Reading books and write reviews… but of some particular genres though

What I look forward to everyday – sitting at a bar with our dog after an evening walk



Regarding what I am not or what I do not like, you may want to contact my wife for a longer list. But I know for a fact that I am not a movie buff (for whatever reason, I cannot sit down and watch a movie) nor watch TV at all and I am somewhat too much of a disciplinarian when it comes to how I will spend my time. I always have a list 🙂 (and crop circles!!) I put a lot of premium on getting to know people. I dread and avoid large gatherings where I can never have a meaningful discussion with anybody. Of course, my wife would summarize the above observations as being boring, pretentious and awkward. “Quirky” is the way she describes me. Maybe she has a point 🙂




  1. By Kondal on

    Meeting you was truly inspiration. I have been yearning for a good role model. Now, like Eklavya, I will use this website as my THE beacon for practical and useful advice.

  2. By Avijit on

    Hi Rajib, the site is great. So much to learn from you. I am fortunate to have a friend like you. Keep it up. Best wishes.

    1. By rajibroy (Post author) on

      Avijit, thank you so much!! I absolutely miss our Durgapur days!!!

      1. By arijit sinha on

        Hi Rajib,
        Did you pass out in 1983 from SXS? Keep going as usual.Best wishes.

  3. By Chandra Sekhar on

    A wonderful record of life, which will give you satisfaction, when you turn back. Observing children carefully gives us lot of happiness. They are our riches. They are our memories. Our Joy.

  4. By Chandra Sekhar on

    Wonderful memories keeping as a book give you lot of satisfaction when you turn back after sometime. Playing with children and observing them is a great thing and enjoying the family, many cannot do these days, good job. Children are our riches, joy and pleasure.

  5. By Sury on

    Rajib – good job on the nice blog. I wonder where do you get the time to write so well !

    BTW – the pics are from an iPhone or from any Android phone – they always seem to be turn out so well in all the lighting conditions.

  6. By Raghu Raghuraman on


    I like this new look at your website. And I just noticed you took up the 100 mile each month as well. That is what I did in 2013. Need to start that back , now that i have gained 9 extra pounds.

    Keep writing.. It is fun to read.

    Cheers – Raghu

  7. By rajashree on

    Hi Rajib,wonderful website, very inspirational. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to have worked with you, though for a brief period.

  8. By Rajashree on

    Hi Rajib, I am lucky to have worked with u., though for a short time. Pl keep writing.

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  11. By Dibyendu Mukherjee on

    This is probably the most organized and clean site that I have visited. Gives me a lot of ideas. Don’t accuse me of plagiarism in future!

  12. By Mrinal on


    Absolutely amazing site.

    Xavex -92

  13. By Jayanta Biswas on

    A great site. Love going through the wonderful collections. You are really an inspiration and role model.
    Carry on mate


  14. By Samantha Misra on

    You have your autobiography almost written. You can add in few more details and you can publish it.

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  16. By Adam Miller on

    I share the affinity ofeeting random people and engaging in meaningful conversation….my observation thus far is people are far more alike than different, despite what our eyes and biases would tell us. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in person and through the birds eye view via your facebook.

  17. By Rajib on

    Adam, I concur with your observation. That is invariably where I land too as I meet people from various walks of life in our trips to different countries.

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  19. By MUHAMMAD Irfan on

    I am feeling jealous, I am a 14-year-old freelancer who left school and spends 90% time sitting with pc with my family, At my age the kids play and I do this But I hope my future will be brighter than playing one. Nice COntet

  20. By Lalita on

    Hi Rajib Roy, this is Lalita Sinha.

    Greetings from Penang, Malaysia!
    Am fascinated by your website and and interests.I think your Rabindra Sangeet English translations are very good.
    If you Google my name and Malaysia, you might find further info. This is my current work: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552341026457
    When you have time/interest to connect, do contact me.
    Best wishes.

    1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

      Thank you very much! I tried sending you a facebook friend request. I cannot. So sent a message. Once you accept that, the friend request can be sent.


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