27 November 2020

Birthday lunch – picnic style!

The family celebrated Sharmila’s birthday with a picnic lunch at Fainting Goat Winery. Usually we celebrate her birthdays in a different country but this once Covid pushed us to North Georgia mountains. We picked up the lunch from Old Mulehouse in Jasper. The wait for food was a little tedious but the taste was totally worth the wait. First time in a long time the whole family went out for a picnic and card games!! JayJay had the best time of his life!

20 November 2020

Early afternoon sun

Took half a day off from work to enjoy the gorgeous sun this afternoon. Was on the terrace of Rootstock with Sharmila. Met our old friend Abby there too. The topics of discussions varied widely from Ghenghis Khan to “Is time a real or imaginary concept?”