5 September 2020

Minnehaha Falls

This is less of a giant waterfall and more of a series of cascades. It is like nature created a lot of consecutive steps – each about 3-4 feet high – and then let water fall over it. Looks beautiful.
We drove for about 2 hours thru some beautiful parts of rural Georgia and quite some dirt roads to reach the spot. The parking was a bit of a problem but we made it.

I understand Minnehaha means a waterfall in Dakota (a language spoken by the Sioux tribe).

4 September 2020

Mount Yonah Winery

Neither Sharmila nor I can claim to be big fans of Georgia wine. So, our expectations were fairly low. We got a glass of red wine each from either end – the most full bodied one and the lightest one. Surprisingly, we enjoyed it. Staring at the impressive Mount Yonah might have something to do with it!