5 July 2023

Another throwback to the past!

Now next to the vinyl record player, I have an old style radio. Or as we called in India – “transistor”!! Sharmila and I have already looked up the timings of our favorite radio programs.

For example, after Saturday morning Farmers Market shopping for vegetables, next up in the Roy residence? “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

24 June 2023

I think I might be know somebody famous!

We were walking in downtown Alpharetta when I spotted something in the newspaper dispenser on a busy street. The local newspaper – Alpharetta Roswell Herald was on full display. And right on the top in the middle of the newspaper, I thought I recognized something. Stepping in closer, I thought I saw a horse painting that looked like one that Sharmila had done.

Stepping in even closer, I noticed that even she is there in the picture. (sitting in the front row to your left).

Jay Jay was remarkably uninterested in my find!