3 June 2022

Funny T-Shirt Series

  1. Next in funny T-shirts May 15, 2021

    comes my new running shirt…. it reads “Wine Drinker With A Running Problem”. Fairly apt for me, I say…

    Got quite a few smiles from other runners in the running trail today!!

  2. Next up in my T-shirt series… May 26, 2021

    After vaccination and running shirts, comes my next passion – motorbiking…

    The shirt says –
    “I ain’t perfect, but I can still ride a Motorcycle.
    For an old man, that’s close enough”

  3. This funny T-shirt comes from my daughter May 29, 2021

    Nikita is part of a Mock trial group. Apparently, she is the co-President of the group. Their funny T-shirt – apart from naming the Defense team (which she is part of) and the Plaintiff team, also reads – “Your Honor, I am confused” !!! 🙂

  4. Next in our T-shirt series Jun 25, 2021

    After vaccination, running and motorcycle, this features my combined passion for palliative care unit patients in hospices and mixology! Not to speak of beaches 🙂

  5. Next in the T-shirt series… Jul 10, 2021

    …representing another skill I am trying to learn. After running, motor biking, mixology comes skateboarding…

    In case of a skateboard accident, it gives you reassembly instructions … you know, so you know where my left arm goes, my head goes etc etc… 🙂

  6. Another one in the T-shirt series Aug 1, 2021

    This one reflects on my advancing age (55 trips around the sun and counting…) and my affinity towards wine and cocktails. This one says :

    “At my age
    I need glasses”

  7. Fairly popular T-shirt on the beach Sep 5, 2021

    Got a lot of approving comments from random strangers!!

  8. Next in the T-shirt series Sep 9, 2021