3 June 2022

Funny T-Shirt Series

  1. Next in funny T-shirts May 15, 2021

    comes my new running shirt…. it reads “Wine Drinker With A Running Problem”. Fairly apt for me, I say…

    Got quite a few smiles from other runners in the running trail today!!

  2. Next up in my T-shirt series… May 26, 2021

    After vaccination and running shirts, comes my next passion – motorbiking…

    The shirt says –
    “I ain’t perfect, but I can still ride a Motorcycle.
    For an old man, that’s close enough”

  3. This funny T-shirt comes from my daughter May 29, 2021

    Nikita is part of a Mock trial group. Apparently, she is the co-President of the group. Their funny T-shirt – apart from naming the Defense team (which she is part of) and the Plaintiff team, also reads – “Your Honor, I am confused” !!! 🙂

  4. Next in our T-shirt series Jun 25, 2021

    After vaccination, running and motorcycle, this features my combined passion for palliative care unit patients in hospices and mixology! Not to speak of beaches 🙂

  5. Next in the T-shirt series… Jul 10, 2021

    …representing another skill I am trying to learn. After running, motor biking, mixology comes skateboarding…

    In case of a skateboard accident, it gives you reassembly instructions … you know, so you know where my left arm goes, my head goes etc etc… 🙂

  6. Another one in the T-shirt series Aug 1, 2021

    This one reflects on my advancing age (55 trips around the sun and counting…) and my affinity towards wine and cocktails. This one says :

    “At my age
    I need glasses”

  7. Fairly popular T-shirt on the beach Sep 5, 2021

    Got a lot of approving comments from random strangers!!

  8. Next in the T-shirt series Sep 9, 2021

  9. This summer’s riding shirt for me! Apr 13, 2024

  10. The joke might have been on me! Jun 2, 2024

    My race T-shirt brought out some chuckles. There is nothing on the front. In the back it says “If you can read this, I am not last!”

    At first I was enjoying that folks would pull up from behind me and come to the front to say how they found the shirt to be very funny.

    It is only much later that I realized I might have inadvertently encouraged them to speed up and leave me in the dust!!

  11. One more of those “If you can read this” T-shirts Jul 13, 2024

    Remember the T-shirt that I ran my last 5K in? It was blank in the front and in the back, it said “If you can read this, I am not last!”

    I have this one for my motorbike rides. It says “If you can read this, SHE FELL OFF!!”