14 August 2022

Beautiful day out on the lake with the Sivasubramaniams!

If you had told me – thirty seven years back – that in a future world this classmate of mine from Computer Science days in IIT Madras and I will be riding a boat some day, there would have been no way in God’s green earth that I would have believed you. And then, after a moment of thought, I might have asked you – “Will I be above ‘C’-level?” (ha ha). We were nothing in those engineering days if not full of PJs (poor jokes ~ groaners).

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12 August 2022

From the bartender’s corner – Boulevardier

There is some confusion about the exact source of this drink. Some say it originates from Erskine Gwynne – an American writer who lived in Paris and authored a paper by the name Boulevardier (in French that would mean a rich socialite). Others say it was indeed his most favorite drink. However it was introduced by New Yorker Harry McElhone who had to leave for Europe during Prohibition period and opened a bar in Paris called Harry’s New York Bar. It was here that the Prohibition-era cocktails were being given a do-over in Europe with local ingredients. (America got introduced to Campari much later).

In either case, it is a close cousin of Negroni with Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Bourbon. It is one of those few cocktails, I can enjoy on a warm as well as a cold day.

11 August 2022

Why 24 minutes??

Somebody explain this to me… This was in downtown Burlingame, CA. I was waiting for my friend to show up for dinner. While strolling up and down the street, I caught notice of something peculiar. The parking time restriction was 24 minutes! 24 minutes???

I looked up the internet. Sure enough, downtown Burlingame as parking restrictions of 24 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours!

Why 24 minutes? Why not 20 or 30 and call it even?

Does anybody know?

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9 August 2022

This was a first time for me

Around midnight took the motorbike out and put a 60 mile ride in North Georgia. Stuck to back roads. Once in a while, there would be a vehicle behind me and I would let them pass so that I could enjoy the ride in the dark. Interestingly, saw another motorbike coming the other way on State Hwy 20!