1 October 2023

Ride on a cooler Fall morning

Stopped at a rural Georgia coffee place cum restaurant cum bar – all rolled into one. Needed to check something on my computer. Pulled it out of the motorbike bag and opened up my emails. Asked the server lady cum cashier cum cook cum owner – “What is the WiFi password?”. She looked at me with that “What Wifi?” stare!

Enjoyed the coffee lazily. 

1 October 2023

Sixth successive day of running

Running the risk of an admonishment from Michele, put in the sixth successive day of running. Will try to make a full week streak and then take some rest. (Michele is right, after all; the left leg muscles are reminding me that my younger days are way behind me). At least, listened to Arup and matched my T-shirt and shoe colors!!

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29 September 2023

The advantages of joining an interest group

For years I had been slipping in my discipline to run regularly. As a final ditch effort, I joined the running group I used to run with some 15 years back. Well, it is not the whole group per se. A few of the old runner friends who still get together to run.

That has made all the difference. Not only am I running lot more regularly now (today was fourth successive day of run), the peer pressure also has improved my speed. Valerie pushed me to go the extra mile and make it a 4 mile run today and we did it at a sub-10 min mile.

My solo runs are far slower.

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26 September 2023

Moment of bliss

Finished my run and sat down outside the coffee shop with a cup of tea. Looked up and this is what I saw. The sky turned intense orange for about a few minutes and then quickly faded away. That was a quiet moment of bliss watching nature unfold upon itself.

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