20 September 2020

Some more progress in skateboarding

Getting started is still a challenge. But staying up is getting easier. Tried some down slopes to see if I can stay stable as it gains speed. Nikita has figured out how to get started and get up. She told me it took her about an hour of practice. Which means for me, it would be three to four hours. Let’s see…

20 September 2020

Skateboard now?

In a bit of sheer lunacy, I tried unicycling. Learnt the hard way that at the age of 54, I have certainly lost a lot of my sense of balance that came naturally to me as a kid. I am told that this process continues thru our old age. (one key reason why elderly people fall down so much).

I am pausing my attempts on unicycle. But to extend that streak of madness, I am now going with skateboard to see if I can master it. Well, when I say master it, for my age, if I can get up, go for fifty yards steering around a few objects and get off without hurting myself, that counts.

None of those flipping tricks I see the kids do in Fowler Park Skate Park. Now, my problem is that I need some space to practice. Which would mean I have to go very early in the morning before the kids show up. Nobody wants to see a old man trying desperately to stay on a skateboard and falling down…

13 September 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Balalaika

That was an interesting name for a drink. I always thought a balalaika is one of those Russian triangular looking guitar like instruments. The drink though is a variant of the grand old Sidecar.

The original formula called for equal parts of Vodka, Cointreau and Lemon juice. I do not enjoy tarty drinks too much. So, went with a 2:2:1 combination. That was just about right for me…

13 September 2020

Ran with the good old Chalupa group after a long time…

Last time I ran with the group was on October 6, 2019. Or almost a year back. Joined the group for a 6.2 mile (10K) run at 9:30min/mile pace. There were 15 runners in all including me (Kasturi and her daughter is missing from this picture since they had to leave). And then, of course, the traditional Chalupa coffee adda. Thanks Debjyoti, Rituparna, Ashok, Pooja, Malobika, Sudipto, Indrani, Seemita-di, Mrinal-da, Soma, Sanjib and Sharmila for a good time.

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