21 February 2021

From the bartender’s corner: Guava Coconut Rum cocktail

Picked this recipe up from Melanie Milhorat of New York from Taste of Home. The drinks tastes great and even as importantly, looks great.

This cocktail is stirred not shaken. Fill three fourth of a stirring glass with ice and then pour two teaspoons of lemon juice, two ounces of coconut rum, two ounces of guava juice, a dash of syrup and couple of dashes of bitters. Stir it thoroughly and then pour it in a glass with a few pieces of ice already in it.

21 February 2021

It warmed up a little

Learned the lesson from yesterday. Did not layer up enough for a 45 degree motorbike ride (the wind made it worse). Today, I was perhaps overlayered. Took a very circuitous route to my weekend afternoon coffee place, enjoyed some coffee aged in bourbon barrels and caught up on Montaigne.

Check out my answer when the lady asked me what name she should write on my cup!

21 February 2021

Sometimes it is funny because it is too close to the truth…

… like most Dilbert cartoons!!

Anyways, last night I was talking to a senior of mine from school who I have respected all my life not only for his superior level of intelligence but also his thoughtfulness and rational thinking and the ability to argue both sides of a debate..

(while discussing the opinion of the masses….)

“So, how do you explain the recent disbelief in science?”, I asked.
“That is not new. It has always been there.”
“Why do you say that?”
“If you can believe in God, you can believe in any conspiracy theory. And we have been believing in God for a very long time.”

I burst out laughing. And kept smiling the rest of the evening – not just because how he put it – but I realized that there was an element of truth to it!!

7 February 2021

From the bartender’s corner – Oaxaca’s Guavarita

Tried a variant on margarita. First off, used the guava juice that Sharmila got. Still experimenting with it. Second, instead of Tequila, used Casamigos Mezcal. And finally, used kiln fired rock salt for the rim of the glass.

Wet the rim of the margarita glass with a slice of lime and rotate the rim on a small pile of kiln fired rock salt so a little of it sticks all around. In a mixing glass, put ice, three ounces of guava juice, one and a half ounce of mezcal, three quarters ounce of cointreau and squeeze a slice of lime in it. Thoroughly shake it and pour in the glass.

7 February 2021

Ride to coffee

It was a cold day but the sun was out and the motorbikes have not been out for a week. A 70 mile round trip ride with a coffee break at Barrel House Coffee Company in Ballground. Caught up with Avi after almost a week.