10 June 2024

Trail ride was not as enjoyable

Question for veteran riders – do you prefer riding on the road or in trails? This morning I went to the Greenway trail. For some reason, it was not as enjoyable as the portion that I did on roads. I thought without any cars zooming by and the trail being totally empty, I would like it more. In fact, the green trees, the creek and deer all over made for some great scenery.

But I am not sure I enjoyed the flatness of the trail or the small gaps in between the concrete slabs every three meters or so. On the way back, ditched the trail and took the normal roads. Enjoyed that much more.

Is that your experience too?

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8 June 2024

Not sure what is going on with my runs

This morning went for my usual 5K run. The first mile was the normal 11:15 pace. Look what happened after that. The last mile was faster than my race pace last week! Another sub-30 5K.

Not sure what is going on with this sudden fast pace running (by my standards of course). Is it that the race last week after 7 years kind of gave me a sudden jolt? Or is it the excitement of the new trail? The cool temperatures? (it was 59 degree today). My slower speed was going downhill! the faster ones came on the uphills!

More importantly, why is not my body hurting at the end of it?

Was my mind playing games with me all this time and convincing me falsely that my body is getting too old for running?

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7 June 2024

Third bike ride and a few realizations

Put in my third bike ride today. Riding a bike has one advantage over motorbike riding. You can feel the wind in your face (the helmet does not cover your face). But unlike running, I cannot just stop anytime because I am feeling tired.

Tried Don Mitchell’s advice on holding on to the handle like holding eggs. And came to the most important realization: The core of my problem is that my core is the problem!!

Also, hit 173 on heart rate – 106% of theoretical HR Max. I am getting convinced that my real Hr Max is higher.

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5 June 2024

I am still not sure where that pace in the race came from

This is more like my normal pace. I cannot fathom how I shaved 2 minutes per mile in the race. Today’s run had all the elements I love about running – beautiful looking trail, not knowing exactly where I was (it is a new trail) and getting caught in the drizzle for some time. This is why I am going to hate having to give up running some day.

4 June 2024

Second bike ride – 10 miles

Encouraged by veteran bicyclists (thank you Matt, Michele, Jordan, Dave, Yasser, John, Chris, David, Stephen and many others), went for a slightly longer ride. You will be proud of me that I came close to only one car on the way! Same pace as last time – 11 mph. Heartbeat at 169 bpm peaked at a little over 100% of HRMax.

Some newbie problems… My left shoe is brushing the pedal rod often, I think I am putting too much weight on my wrists and I still can’t stop the way bicyclists do – I stop with my left leg on the ground (and the right on the pedal) like we used to in India!

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