5 October 2022

Reached our desert camp

This is no “ger” like where Roger and I stayed in Mongolia. Unlike those, this is air conditioned, has a bathroom, flowing water, fridge and a hot tub!! The coolest part are the wide curtain windows that you can draw back in sleep in watching the moon and the stars!

I doubt that this is how the Bedouins live!

5 October 2022

Interesting marks on the mountain

As we were driving from Aqaba to Wadi Rum, we came across some mountains with some interesting marks across them as you can see in the picture. It almost looks like the mountains were sliced by a knife. It cannot be flowing water. Look at the one straight up the road in front of you. The mountain seems to be cut on both sides of it from the top.

Anybody has any idea what these might be?

5 October 2022

Goods train?

Within 10 minutes of learning that the Hejaz railway is used for good trains, we came across a very short train that seemed to be carrying people. And the people were all sitting in the one coach that did not have a roof! We have no idea what was going on…

5 October 2022

Hejaz Railway

Out in the horizon, beyond the Bedouin tents, you can see a railway line. The best way to locate is the relatively smooth line. It is a narrow gauge railway that connects Istanbul, Turkey to Medina, Saudi Arabia. I believe the original plan was to extent to Mecca but the first World War interrupted the constructions.

Mahmoud let me know that it carries mostly goods trains these days.