25 January 2023

This raises more questions

Near where all the trees were dead, I could see what looked like salt formation on the shores. Crossed a fence to check it out. Poked the white surface with a stick. It was not salt. It was a lot of foam!

Now that raises yet another question. How come this portion of the water consistently had foam on the shore as far as the eyes could see? The water was very shallow and relatively still.

Does this mean the water has certain chemicals that makes it foam? And that is what killed the trees?

25 January 2023

Does anybody know why

The walk to Playa Sucia was interesting. You could see mangrove forests thriving in the blue waters. But then there was a huge section where all the trees had died in the brackish waters. See the picture.

I have seen similar things in South Florida too.

Does anybody know the explanation for why all the trees are dead in one portion of the backwaters? It could not be the salt content, could it?