28 June 2020

That was a daddy daughter first time!

Went around the island in bicycles. I have not biked in a very long time (30 years)? Nikita took to it very quickly. I had some difficulty in getting the bike to slow down or stop. These rental bikes have no brakes. Took me a few minutes and hobbling down a bridge, desperately trying with my two feet on the ground to slow down to realize that all I had to do is try pedaling in reverse!! Thereafter, it was all smooth sailing.

Next up – motorbiking together?

28 June 2020

Ice cream time!

The three of us went to pick up some stuff from the nearby grocery store. There was an ice cream store (Kilwins?) there that is apparently a very famous brand. I know that they are very famous because

(*) First, Nikita told me so!
(*) Second, there was a long queue outside

Never been a big ice cream guy myself. But I guess vacations are about exceptions. We sat on a bench by the roadside enjoying our icecreams!

28 June 2020

Guess who ran into a friend from school on the beach?

I remember seven years back, we were vacationing here and Natasha ran into some school friends of hers on the beach. In fact, I think they split from us to go dine by themselves and Nikita, Sharmila and myself had a Hibachi dinner that night.

Almost an action replay this time! Nikita ran into Grace from her current class! They had a good time in the ocean (when the sharks were not around) and in the pool (when the sharks strolled by)…

28 June 2020

Checking out the waters…

First there were a few dolphins that swam by. And then five sharks came by and drove everybody off the water. The sharks were barely visible. Talking to the life guard, I found out that they take a hint from those birds (brown pelicans?). They usually stay 300 yards away from the shore.

When shark – usually small ones – come near the shore, they drive all the fish towards the shore. The birds follow the fish and come up almost to the shore. We saw something we have never seen before. A boat load of fish – I mean a whole lot of them – were jumping up from the water level and then splashing back again making it look like there was a rainfall happening there. Of course, the birds had a great time scooping them up.