20 April 2024

Jay Jay enjoying the breeze

I was doing something in the garage. Jay Jay started yelping from inside the house. I let him out. Usually, he is very well behaved. Does not run away or let us get out of his eyesight.

He watched me for a few seconds, walked to the driveway and sat down to enjoy the breeze and watch the neighborhood activities. Why he folds his right front leg like that I will never know!!

29 February 2024

His busy schedule

is mostly comprised of long naps interrupted only by short naps.

Except when I yell “Go for a walk?” He immediately will jump from his bed, shake is body off and head out of the door without any fear or favor. Once in a while, he will look back to see if I am still there. What I find amusing is that he will ignore every other dog and person that we encounter. Like they pose a threat to his mission of putting his marker down on every square inch of Alpharetta!