10 November 2020

Social Distancing in Durgapur Railway Station!

My brother and his family is now at his in-laws in Durgapur. This is the same town where both Sharmila and I grew up. He needed to dash down to Patna for a couple of days for work. He decided to take the Danapur Express which would make it a seven and a half hours overnight train ride.

This is the picture he sent me while waiting at Platform #3 in Durgapur Railway Station!!

Social Distancing!!!

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3 July 2020

Not to be outdone by my Facebook friends….

… I hosted my own watch party today!!

I have no idea what watch parties are and what my friends are doing when I get a notification “So and so is hosting a watch party”. (Other than the fact that I have not been invited to the party).

On a related note, ask me how many defunct watches we have accumulated over the years. Go ahead! Ask me!!

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