3 July 2020

Not to be outdone by my Facebook friends….

… I hosted my own watch party today!!

I have no idea what watch parties are and what my friends are doing when I get a notification “So and so is hosting a watch party”. (Other than the fact that I have not been invited to the party).

On a related note, ask me how many defunct watches we have accumulated over the years. Go ahead! Ask me!!

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5 June 2020

Did I mention Niki and I are the two biggest nerds?

A week back, I was at a coffee shop and saw this board. Finding the play on words very funny, I took a picture and could not wait to share a laugh with Nikita when I came back home.

Me (handing her the phone): Read this, you will get a laugh.

She (read it, frowned and went): Why a noun? That should be a verb.

Me (snatched back the phone from her): Huh? Right! That too present continuous verb at that.

Dad and daughter walked away convinced it was not that funny after all!!

17 May 2020

Scientists can be a boring bunch

They find water and ice in Mars and the first thing that crosses their mind is “Let’s grow salad?”. Did they ever think of much better things that go with water and ice – say, scotch, for example?



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