13 July 2021

Who makes up these answers anyways?

This is one more of my pet peeves about something making no logical sense. I was completing some mandatory security and compliance courses when the quizzes got me completely stumped. Not that I did not know the answers but that there was no way to truthfully answer them.

Look at the first example. “All of the above” is the right answer. But the aforementioned “above” includes an option “None of the above”. So, if I say All of the above is true, then I am also saying None of the above is true. That is a paradox that cannot be solved.

Take another one. The second example. The first option is “Answer 2 and 3”. That choice makes NO sense. If that was actually the answer, then that means “1” (which is this option itself) would be true too. Only thing that would make sense is to make it a complete set and say “Answer 1, 2 and 3” (1 being this option itself).

These folks might be experts in security policies and all that but not in logic. But then again, whoever has ever accused any government or corporate policies to be logical? 🙂

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1 May 2021


So, Facebook has mined my posts and decided that I am probably getting married and going on a honeymoon!! I guess there is a reason we call it “artificial” intelligence.

And you know what Facebook wants me to do? Ask you to donate money to me so I can go on that aforementioned honeymoon!!

To be sure, in an act of over and beyond in helpfulness, Facebook also let me know that based on her prior behavior, my own wife might be a good candidate to ask for donation!!

You cannot make these stuff up!!

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