14 June 2020

Was not aware of this trail…

Went out to run on the new extension of the trail behind Halcyon. Last time I went to that sector was when they were just building the concrete trail. Found out today that there is a very nice trail through the woods. I had to be very careful and take higher strides so as to not let the roots trip me up…

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14 June 2020

A different kind of musical evening

I sat down last evening in my music room (which still has the makeshift bed in it – since that was my quarantine room) and was sifting thru some qawwalis to decide which one to settle in for the evening… when suddenly Parijat and Dipanjan walked in! With their dog Benji!! So, my dog-audience doubled last evening!!

We had a different kind of musical evening. Lot of Western and Spanish music. The cajon accompaniment was with one such Spanish number. I am totally ignorant of Spanish or any Western music but this was Flamenco style, I believe.

One guitar ensemble Dipanjan played from his collection was mesmerizing. I believe the artists were Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, and John McLaughlin. Again, I am no expert but that was incredibly fast playing.

14 June 2020

Have you ever wondered what morality is all about?

Great evening with Dipanjan, Parijat and Sharmila yesterday. We were at the Union restaurant – sitting outside and enjoying the evening.

Given all that is happening around us, of course a lot of the discussions were around BLM, the history of slavery and what our community (Bengalis in Atlanta) are doing or (more importantly) not doing for the cause.

From that discussion on why as a community, we do – or not do something, the topic veered to that of morality. That is where the evening got really interesting. I had not thought about this topic much. But some of the conversations were deeply intriguing and somewhat disturbing too! Sharmila took through a couple of examples. For example, if you could prevent a train from having a wreck and potentially save five lives in it – but know for sure, one person down the track is going to die, would you do it?

Do numbers trump in morality questions?

Now, what if that one person was your child? Does your answer change? Mine did!!

So, clearly morality is relative even for one individual!

Again, I found the overall discussion raising a lot of intellectual curiosity. I think I am going to line up a couple of books or literature to read up on… moment I have finished with my CSS and PHP classes though!

14 June 2020

An intriguing question from work life

Got to meet Garry Capers yesterday!! It had been some time since I had seen him. We had a chance to work together about ten years back. There are a lot of memories from those days – those weekly flights together to DC and the time in the Delta Skyclub spent together every Thursday in Reagan airport.

Other than catching up on our families and all the recent activities in America, we also reflected on our learnings from corporate life. Most of it was around the difficulties of building cultures in a company and how individual personalities play into it.

One observation we both had was that in every product company we have had a chance to work in or at least become close, there is/was always an internal skepticism towards the sales organization. Right, wrong or indifferent, folks inside the organization always seem to have an opinion (negative) about the sales organization (individuals are sometimes cited as very good, though). Interestingly enough, we both reflected that this was not true in professional services organization.

What has your experience been? Same? Different? If you have had a similar observation, why do you think it is so?

P.S. In case you were wondering how come I had forsaken my shorts when Garry’s clothes clearly indicated to the heat in Atlanta – well, I took my motorbike, so had to wear my protective gear. Fortunately, this coffee shop allowed sitting inside the air conditioned area (of course, with social distancing).

13 June 2020

Really hard puzzle. Can you help me?

I have recently started doing Kenken puzzles (the 6×6 version). Last night, a question came to my mind and ever since I can neither solve the problem nor get it off my mind.

The usual Kenken is a 4×4 grid where you have to fill in every row and every column with the digits 1,2,3 and 4. One rule is that you have to have each one of those digits in every row and every column. (meaning therefore, no repeats in a row or column either – like Sudoku).

There are other rules for each individual Kenken problem. However, assume there is no other rule. You can fill in every row and every column with the digits 1,2,3 and 4 – with the only rule being you have to use each one of them once in every row and every column… how many such combinations are possible?

(I am attaching a picture here of an actual Kenken puzzle – but that

12 June 2020

The red versus the blue

Watched Amitesh and Sudipto play a few games last evening. I knew of the high level of Amitesh’s game. I have attended a few of his matches. I had not seen Sudipto play in a long time. Perhaps four years. He had mentioned once that he got himself a coach. I think it has had an effect. His game is quite a few notches above what I remember.

This used to my go to sport in Dallas. Then running took over. I do not think with my right shoulder stiffness, I can even put in a full service swing these days.