29 July 2022

Speaking of rediscovering…

Went back to skateboarding park today. After a long time.

You know how they say that once you learn biking, you will never forget it? Well, you can add skateboarding to that. I was wondering if I would remember anything from last year. Turns out the balancing came with the first attempt itself. Picking up speed, on the other hand, still frightens me!!

27 July 2022

Learnt a lot this evening with Dr. Lakin

First time in Birmingham, AL. The evening was spent with Dr. Lakin from Univ. of Alabama mostly discussing how our brains learn and business models around how to help teachers. One of the more absorbing discussions was around “fluid” learning versus “crystallized” learning. I, personally, leaned more towards emphasizing fluid learning versus crystalized. Only because most domains in the world are changing fast enough that value of experience is waning (in my view).

Dr. Lakin’s counter example was “Who would you rather do surgery on your child – an experienced doctor who is done it a thousand times in the last 15 years or a younger doctor who has done it 10 times in the last year?” That question becomes more complicated when you add in another variable though. What if you are told that technology and the science (that is taught in medical schools) has undergone quite some advances in the last five years? Then, who would you rather do the surgery?

But of all the things I learnt, the one that blew my mind was the following. I am not sure how our discussions went to this but we were talking of demographic distributions. The question that I completely got wrong was “What percentage of the population in Alabama is black? How about Mississippi? Louisiana? Georgia? Birmingham? Atlanta?”. I was completely off on all of them! The stat on Birmingham blew my mind away! Guess those numbers and then Google them up. How close were you?

24 July 2022

From the bartender’s corner – Mango Upside Down Cake

This is riff off the Pineapple Upside Down Cake cocktail. Instead of pineapple juice, I used mango juice. The curious among you might be wondering why. The truth is I did not have pineapple juice but I did have mango juice. And I thought vanilla vodka, a tropical fruit and some grenadine is exactly what the doctor had prescribed for this sultry Atlanta afternoon.