4 July 2024

The Chalk Cliffs!

Imposing in size. The following description is taken from the Denver Gazette…

“Strikingly white, the Chalk Cliffs are among Colorado’s most unique natural wonders. Not actually chalk at all, a soft clay mineral called kaolinite is formed by deposits from the surrounding hot springs. The naturally heated mineral waters that come tumbling down from mountain, seep into the cracks of granite forming the chalky cliffs. This offers another fascinating look into Mother Nature’s sculpturing skills.”

4 July 2024

Drive to Chalk Cliffs this morning

See if you can detect a natural feature in the foreground. It looks like a natural wall that goes all along the picture. We had two of these on either side. Almost looks like the edge of plateaus. Shauna told me those are called “Mesa”s. Which makes sense since Mesa in Spanish means a table.

That is Mt. Antero in front of us.

4 July 2024

Brilliant day in Colorado today

Sitting by River Arkansas and just lazing around in the sun. Great view of the Tenderfoot Mountain – also called the S-Mountain for the huge concrete “S” built there (for Salida). We could see folks up there making preparations for this evening’s fireworks.