31 December 2012

Run and pig out!

Another 4 mile run early morning with my brother. After that there was the “paratha aloor dum”. Yesterday was “luchi aloor dum” followed by egg rolls and “moghlai paratha”. It is just a matter of time till I need medical attention 🙂 On the other hand, there is no doubt when I see my mom this evening, she will say “ei du diney ektu bhalo laagchhey dekhte” (“you are looking better in the last two days”) – which as you know is Indian mom speak for “you have put on more weight in the last two days” 🙂

30 December 2012

Tea break with a twist!

Teabreak with a twist: went for a 10 km run with my brother in Durgapur where he and our sister were born. Took a tea break at a memorable place.

If you can see the tree with white mark on my brother’s right – it was on that road right there, one evening twenty years and two months back, while taking an evening stroll with Sharmila, I had asked her straight and simple – ring, rose and getting on a knee be darned – if she would marry me. My biggest worry was whether she would stand up to her and my parents – none of whom would approve of our marriage. I was counting on her street cred of fierce independence, stubbornness and sense of self determination.

That evening, she summoned all those strengths in her and told me point blank -“No” 🙂


28 December 2012

My family and shoe throwing

During dinner yesterday, I gave my family the puzzle I had posted before about the three cannibals and three monks trying to cross the river. The discussions were hilarious. You can see here how my sister, mother and sister in law are using three shoes as cannibals, three slippers as monks and trying to solve it on the floor at home. The yelling and shoe throwing was to die for!!