4 January 2013

Now the last leg…

Wow! That was a pleasant surprise. Got down at DC and then immigration took all of 2 minutes. Customs was 0 minutes. Delta lady insisted that she will ensure I can catch the earlier flight. There was NO ONE at TSA Pre other than me – even the bored TSA ladies started small talk with me. Reached the terminal and Delta was yelling my name – walked into the earlier flight and they closed the door. And they were holding a first class set for me!! That reduces the thirty four hour trip to thirty two. However, only when I have had that first sip of Starbucks tall extra hot nonfat latte at Atlanta airport, will this trip be officially over for me πŸ™‚

3 January 2013

Onto second leg…

In the larger scheme of things, if The Lord intended us to fly, He would have certainly made it easier for us to make connections! πŸ™‚ Made it to the flight to DC from Dubai. Of course, the prospect of sitting in a metal tube for 13 hours with little ability to step out and catch some fresh air makes me wonder if it was worth making the connection to begin with πŸ™‚

3 January 2013

Yoga by my brother

While I love running, I am not a terrible fan of stretching. However, after I hit 45, not stretching gets me into a lot of trouble. I was curious about Yoga and asked my brother if he could show me some poses. Here is a few he showed me. It might be easier for me to stop running altogether!!!


3 January 2013

Run in Kolkata

Another run to remember! This time in Kolkata. After some sharp showers. And we managed to rope in Ananya Dubey for the run. So many times we met in Boston but never managed to run together. Ditto when we met in California too. But finally made it happen half a world away in Kolkata! I still remember the first time I met Simi – she was barely in kindergarten and I was in high school!!!
This last week, certainly every day has been memorable for me. Now I am ready to go back home.