27 November 2013

Rare moments in life…

I guess vacation brings the best out of everyone! Not sure what got into 15 year old Natasha. The rest of the gang took the bus back to the hotel. She offered to hang back if I wanted to. So, here I am – at the bar by the river chatting with the same teenager who usually barely acknowledges my presence…. Next bus is in 30 mins. We might miss that too 🙂


27 November 2013

Ekti sishir bindu (the glistening dewdrop)

(Translation below)
“Bohu din dhore, bohu krosh dure,
bohu byay kori, bohu desh ghure,
Dekhite giyachhi parbotmala, dekhite giyachhi sindhu,
Dekha hoy nai chokkhu meliya,
Ghar hote shudhu dui pa feliya,
Ekti dhaner shisher upore ekti shishir bindu”

I traveled miles, for many a year,
I spent a lot in lands afar,
I’ve gone to see the mountains,
The oceans I’ve been to view.
But I haven’t seen with these eyes
Just two steps from my home lies
On a corn of paddy grain,
A glistening drop of dew.


27 November 2013

Living in the “now”

Beautiful onset of dawn as first daylight cracks thru the clouds …. Verdant rainforest fresh from a shower of overnight rain…. Each tree silently standing and watching…. Clouds playing peek-a-boo with the volcano peak… Flocks of bright colored birds flying by….. Multitude of mellifluous bird chirps…. Howler monkey howling somewhere yonder…. The constant babbling of the brook creates an auditory illusion of rain falling …. Humming birds darting by…. Brilliant multi-colored flowers gently swaying in the ever so light breeze….

Time has come to a standstill