19 January 2023

Curious minds want to know

If you come out of O’hare airport or approach the same, you are likely to notice a lot of signs helping you to the Kiss ‘N Fly parking lot. Seeing such a sign from the train that I boarded from the rental car center to the terminals, two questions immediately popped to my mind.

1. First, is this where you kiss the wrong spouse and subsequent events inspire you to fly? (or for that matter, why insist on the kissing part?)

2. Why Kiss and then Fly? This is where you wait for incoming passengers – to pick them up. When you drop them you take them straight to the departure area at the terminal. Should it not be “Fly and Kiss” or perhaps “Kiss and Drive” away? The chronological flow betrays the knowledge of grammatical sequencers.

What did you say? I need some serious help? 🙂

Posted January 19, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs

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