8 December 2021

An evening to remember

It was a great evening with Sonali and Vikram. Other than the bar hopping, we managed to get in some great debate and discussion around religion and meditation. Religion can be a very divisive topic. But the debate was very healthy and constructive.

Sonali is a great listener and has mastered the art of articulating counter arguments. I found myself again in a familiar spot – having to defend a position that I personally do not believe in. (which sometimes I enjoy more than arguing for the positions I believe in).

Vikram was quiet most of the time. But he has promised to pick on his favorite divisive topic in the next meeting – the Second Amendment. Now, I have to find out which way he is going to argue. So that I can mentally prepare myself for the other view.

Looking forward to it!!

Posted December 8, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends

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