19 March 2017

Meeting a classmate after 26 years

The last time I saw Sunita – my MBA classmate – was in March, 1991. I think she was running for an interview, all smartly and formally dressed up – during those last days of our MBA school when all the students were singlemindedly determined to ace their on-campus interviews.

I did not go back for the convocation or for the two get togethers that had been arranged by our group. That Sunita lived in San Francisco is something I had found out only a few years back. Even that, it was her husband – Ganapati – who was my senior from Engineering school that I had traced. And then remembered that he got married to Sunita.

I had about an hour between the customer meeting ending in San Fran and meeting one of our sales person that evening. That was enough for me to walk up to Wells Fargo building and call Sunita down to go for a cup of tea!!

She has remained pretty much the same way as I remember from 26 years back. Of course, now that she has a great job, she does not dress that formally any more ๐Ÿ™‚

It was good to see an old classmate and catch up on her life journey!!!

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  1. By Jayeeta Bose on

    Sunita from Vanavani school in Chennai? I know her through a common friend Smitha Rao and have met her once …..Its a small world!!!

    1. By Jayeeta Bose on

      I am sure she was…I met her when in 11 std…Last I heard of her was that she was in IIM A and married a gentleman called Mr.Ganapathy!


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