6 May 2023

I bet you have never seen this before

I had been motorbiking continuously for over 70 miles. These were backroads – which means I had been on the road for an hour and a half. Needed to take a break. Further, I was very hungry due to my unplanned running routine in the morning.

Finally, pulled over at a Tavern. Looked in my motorcycle bag – I always carry enough work in case I get stuck somewhere. Usually it is the iPad to catch up on reading. Today, I had my letter writing pad also.

After making friends with the manager at the Tavern, I found myself a spot in a corner table in the bar. Over a glass of wine and some unhealthy food, penned off two letters to a couple of my penfriends.

I am fairly sure, it is not very common for tavern customers to wield their fountain pens and writing pads and start scribing letters!!

Posted May 6, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Fountain Pens

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