24 July 2013

Dad’s sense of humor!

After fighting back some large health issues – with a new stent, new knee and new hearing aids, I was hoping to see dad in his best spirits. Unfortunately, he has been down with viral fever and drained of energy for the last few days. In between his bouts of fever, during those Paracetamol-induced lulls, he is certainly displaying some of his old spirits and coming up with memorable lines. An example:
We came from our trip to the river bank and the adjoining crematorium grounds to find him up on his bed in great spirits. This is how the next couple of minutes of conversation went…

(Bengali version)
Dad: Kothay gechhili sob?
Me: Shmasan ghat dekhe elam.
Dad: Maaney? Shmasan ghat keno?
Me: Ei je kobey theke bhoy dekhachho – morey jaabey naaki ebar. Taai hiseb potro gulo dekhe elam. 🙂
Dad (ektu chinta korey): Dekhbi na ebar – protidin phone-e jaalabe – ‘Koi apnader party elo na to ekhono’ 🙂

(English translation – best attempt)
Dad: Where were you guys?
Me: We went to check out the crematorium grounds.
Dad (somewhat surprised): What? Why crematorium grounds of all places?
Me (teasing): Oh! You have been threatening to die for quite some time. So we went to check out how the system works.. 🙂
Dad (not to be outdone): Good. Now they are going to pain the hell out of you everday over the phone – ‘What happened? Your candidate never showed up!’ 🙂

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  1. By Kihtrak Srin on

    reminded of a standard joke my dad says always as if he is narrating it the first time – when winston Churchill turned 90, a few young press people met him and at the end of the interview said to Churchill that they hope to see him next year too. Churchill quickly quipped, “why, you all look quite hale and hearty”!

  2. By Swati Jamwal on

    Nothing like Bengali……..your English translation is very good but there is nothing like listening to the conversation in Bengali :O))))

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