19 April 2022

First time after Mar 13, 2020

Yesterday, while flying into Salt Lake City, I got a notification on my news feed that the mask mandate in planes had been struck down by a Federal judge in Florida. In the evening, I got a note from Delta that masks are optional in their flights. But they also warned that not all TSA agents and airline employees might receive the memos in time. So, we ought not to push the case for a day or two.

And I got on my return flight today – the first day of mask mandate not being there. 25 months after my last maskless flight! Be it the airport, security gates, Delta sky club or the plane – most folks had their masks off! Nobody bothered anybody. Even the Uber driver told me I did not need to put a mask on!!

Now I have to pay attention to shaving carefully 🙂

Posted April 19, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs

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