2 December 2012

Sunday morning. The usual. And btw, I am 35!!

Samaresh showed up with his daughter Paroma. Amitesh was too busy playing tennis. So, the three of us out 5K. Paroma was clearly very tired (uncharacteristically) from the late night parties 🙂 We did enjoy the Starbucks though.

My left knee is giving trouble again. I think I need to keep a faster pace with the barefoot shoes. Will try some new Merrel shoes with wee bit more support and see if they work out better.

BTW, my friend Matt Semrad sent me a WSJ note that talks about not going faster than 8 min/mile and run for more than 10-15 miles after hitting 50. I figured I have nothing to worry for another 15 years 🙂 That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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