17 June 2024

Another first in flying!

KLM has delayed us from boarding the plane. For a very unique reason, too.

I have had delayed boarding due to all sorts of reasons – cleaning not done, attendants not arrived, pilots not arrived, plane not arrived, mechanics are still working on a problem, lightning outside, airport closed temporarily, Air Force Two flying in (happened to me once!!) … but never this…

We are all standing inside the terminal in the AC area because apparently inside the plane is too hot now (28 C / 82 F)!!!

I wonder how they will cool down soon. The engines are off (the plane is at the gate). The auxiliary units will take quite some time I presume. Of course, my late dad’s usual suggestion while facing such situations – “open up the doors and windows” is not going to work much either!!

Posted June 17, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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