31 May 2018

Absolutely the very best part of my trip!

I got to motorbike!

In the Gobi desert, no less!!

I asked our host if I could try out the motorcycle he used for shepherding the cattle. He immediately jumped to it, cleaned up the seat and invited me in.

As many of you know, motorbiking is one of my latest passions. But to get to ride a off-road bike in the king-of-all-off-roads – Gobi desert… I head never even dreamt of it!

Took the bike for a ride in the dry, arid, vast nothingness.

Apparently, I kept going straight for so long that Roger wondered (I heard that in the video he took of me and showed me later) “Does he know how to take a turn”? Not sure what he was worried of? It was not like I was going to run into a tree or something 🙂

Best experience ever for me!! This ranks way up there with running the original marathon in Greece on the route of Phidipiddes!

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