17 September 2016

Friday evening music…

“Aap gairon ki baat karte hain
Humne to apne bhi aazmaein hain
Log kaaton se bach kar chalte hain
Humne to phoolon se zakhm khaayen hain
Mohabbat mein akeli jaan pe
Kay Kya aazab aayein
Kabhi kaanto mein main soya
Kabhi phoolon me khwab aayein”

Roughly translated (improvements always welcome)

“You keep complaining about strangers
I have tried acquaintances too
People stay clear of the thorns
But I have been hurt by the flower itself
Love has, to this lonely heart
Brought troubles of so many sorts
That sometimes I have slept among thorns
And sometimes I have dreamt of flowers”


Posted September 17, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry

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