9 November 2015

Lake Vouliagmeni

Fascinating lake. In spite of being literally a few hundred feet from the Aegean Sea, it has nothing to do with the sea water. In fact, the lake came to light when there was a large collapse of the rock in the Middle Ages exposing a hidden cavern. The source of water is unknown. All modern technologies and human beings that have gone thru the cave that leads to the source have come a cropper (and divers have lost lives).

It is believed that the water has some connection to a volcano system given the constant temperature of 75 degrees throughout the year. The lake is filled with Garra Rufa fish – the ones that is supposed to eat your dead skin tissues. In fact, if you carefully watch, you can see a few tourists with their feet in the water enjoying the natural pedicure.

The rock itself looks golden with the sun reflecting off it…


Posted November 9, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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