17 May 2015

Here we go again!!

The long quarterly pilgrimage to check on my parents begins now. As I await the Emirates flight from Dallas to Dubai, I am little worried this time. It was not supposed to be this way. My dad’s health had rebounded enough that about two months back, he wanted to go to Puri (an ocean resort with a lot of venerable temples in India). I had booked a nice resort and flight tickets for my parents and my sister’s family as well as my brother’s family. All was set for this trip to India to be spent in the resort with my family. I was not going to go to my parents’ house at all!!

Two weeks back, his kidneys failed and now looks like he has lost 90% of both the kidneys. Forget the trip – he is back to being bedridden again. So, the first worry is to see what condition I am going to see him in. I am hoping he will be slightly better – at least get up on his bed and talk. The challenge is he refuses to undergo dialysis. Let’s see if I can convince him.

But another big worry is how to deal with the nephews and niece. For many of them (and a few adults in the family), this would have been the first time ever they would have flown in a plane. The kids were so excited that they had spread it all over their school among their friends (most of whom have not flown yet either). They are devastated now.

I have to figure out how to make it up to them somehow. 

Finally, there is always the goal of creating intersection points and meeting old friends/acquaintances from my long past and make new friends on the road. A lot depends on my dad’s health though…

And they just called us for boarding… so off we go…. 

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  1. By Suranjan Das on

    Hold on. Be strong. The kids will turn out greater souls vn they go bk to skool & narrate how they “need to care for their old & recovering grandfather this time” n that they will carry his blessings when they make it d next time, either with their parents or Jethu.

  2. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    Caring for an elderly family member is the greater need …surely most of them will be able to fly at one time or another in their lives… prayers for your dad. God Speed on your trip.

  3. By Anshu Dutta on

    Bhai joga jog koris…eta..amar Mrs er no…09434250563….Reba…Sarkar (Dutta)…..kaje lagbe…jaigata Kalyani to…..

  4. By Hiren Desai on

    I pray for your dad to recover soon. I am now with parents in Baroda on a short trip, know the feeling Rajib. Seeing you will boost his recovery !…Safe Trip.

  5. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    What happened? Is it an Acute Renal Failure( as you have specifically mentioned two weeks period).In that case he needs dialysis! Why is he refusing it? Chances of recovery are pretty high in ARF!
    Even if it is CRF, the chronic variety too definitely needs dialysis till the time we go for renal transplant.Why is he refusing to undergo dialysis? Has he lost the zeal to fight it out? I am remembering the discussion with you ! I cannot contact you over phone.Your first job would be to convince him.
    Please give me a ring!

  6. By Bijit Bose on

    Sad to know. I am worried about dialysis option available in Kalyani. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  7. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

    The most effective medicine your dad gets is available once every quarter and it is about to arrive in Kalyani. The moment he gets a dose of that medication ( a visual of his son walking into his Kalyani flat ( or is it Samridhhi now, I lose track of the new names), he will start feeling better. Wish you luck convincing him with the dialysis option. He will need that with only a small fraction of his kidney functioning. Create many more great memories.

  8. By Manajit Sengupta on

    Rajib sorry to hear about kaku – same happened to my father this march and we finally have him stabilized on dialysis. You do have a job on hand but I am sure you can do so. My best wishes.

  9. By Ashoke Kumar Dubey on

    Rajib,I feel very sorry to hear the sad developments.Only recently,we discussed so much about your father`s improving health.I sincerely wish that he will finally agree to undergo dialysis.Let us hope for the best.

  10. By Bharabi Niyogi on

    Rajib, my father is suffering from the same case since 19 months, He undergoes dialysis from ILS Hospital, Dum Dum under Dr. Pratim Sengupta, Immediate intervention thr dialysis is required. He will also have to undergo a minor surgery called AV Fistula (its a fusion of Artery & Vein in the hand)

  11. By Sanjay Sinha on

    Rajib Roy, wishing your father a speedy recovery and I do wish that the trip to Puri does work out for all.

  12. By Subho Nath on

    Wish uncle for quick recovery. My dad had to go through numerous dialysis a few years back. It’s not pleasant, but must to do.

  13. By Lia Knower on

    Enjoy you time with your parents. You are blessed to see them frequently, even though it isn’t easy! Due to limited time off and pinched budgets, I haven’t been able to see my 94 year old mom for about two years. I hope to be able to go to Oregon in October. When they get older, spending time with them becomes a top priority. Time we will never get back.

  14. By Geeta Bhandari on

    As you share a special bond with your father, your physical presence will enable him get recharged. Wishing him a rapid recovery.


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