21 September 2014

“Running” into old friends!!

Went for a Chalupa run after a long time. Due to my India trip and solo runs on Sundays before that, I had not seen Chalupa group for over a month. It was good to see them. Also realized the womenfolk are far outnumbering the menfolk in Chalupa these days. If I have my stats right, in reality, women amateur runners (specially long distance) far outnumber men in this country. We had a newcomer in Sheuly today!!

Speaking of meeting old friends, after the run, just as we were getting in our cars to go to Starbucks, I thought I saw somebody at the water fountain that I knew. Sure enough, it was Valerie from my old running group. She is visiting Atlanta for a couple of weeks from Singapore. I think the last time I saw her was on a flight to DC about three years back.

And as if that was not enough, as we stood in the queue at Starbucks, ran into their new manager – Heidi – another old running group member!! I distinctly remember running with her and her dog on a Friday morning and I was the one left panting 🙂

Good to run into old running friends on the road…


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