9 March 2014

Few interesting facts about DST – but don’t tell my mom!!

I did not explain all these to my mom today – she would be further confused…
  1. DST is less than 100 years old. (98 in Central Europe and 96 in US)
  2. DST was first proposed by a guy in New Zealand who wanted more daylight to follow his profession – studying insects!!
  3. DST was subsequently proposed by another guy in UK who was frustrated with his back nine game in golf with less sunlight.
  4. Most of the countries scrapped DST after first world war (except a couple in Europe and Canada)
  5. Many adopted them back during second world war and the oil crisis of 70s. US standardized on it only in 1966.
  6. Many have scrapped it ever since!
  7. More inhabited land is covered in this world by countries who have scrapped DST than by those who currently observe it or those who never observed it.
  8. And this is going to completely flummox my mom – in spite of all her confusion, the fact is when she was born, India had Daylight savings. (during second world war when India was under the British). Subsequently it was scrapped. I bet this is a surprise for most of Indian friends too!

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