14 July 2013

One good run deserves another :-)

Great start to the day accompanying an old friend Mukil in his maiden run. (3K) Here’s wishing him a lot of runs and great health in his future…
Followed by the Bengali run. Today Sharmila joined us too (5K). Amitesh had logistics issues. Also got the royal ditch from Atashi and Malobika 🙂
Starbucks time now!!!!


Posted July 14, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends", "Running


  1. By Mukil Kavungal on

    Thank you Rajib for the great start and all key tips to stay running..now that i have been initiated i will try and keep up with the joy of running!! It was great meeting Sharmila, Sam and Arup…hope to do better and join the advanced group..plus STARBUCKS!!


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