10 May 2013

This trip’s puzzle

Long coast to coast flight now 🙁 Here is something to keep you busy as I take a nap 🙂
Once again, send me personal message on FB if you have the answer – not in the Comments section.

Last week was my elder daughter (Natasha)’s fifteenth birthday. She had a bunch of school friends over for dinner and sleepover. The shrill decibel levels with a dozen teenagers at our house was enough for the dog to sleep most of the time outside our house 🙂 But I digress. One of her friend’s mom has a cupcake business and we were glad to give her some business. Her standard packagings were 6 cupcakes to a packet, 9 cupcakes to a packet and 20 cupcakes to a packet. We ordered 60 and she delivered 3 packets of 20 each.

Which leads me to my question – what is the maximum number of cupcakes we could have ordered that she would not have been able to fit neatly in her packets? (e.g. 17 cupcakes would be impossible to neatly fit in her packets – there will be some leftovers. I am looking for the highest number that would not fit in her 6/9/20 packet combinations)

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  1. By Baishali Chakraborty on

    Rajibda,I can’t give u ans, as I’ m not good in math. but I’ll count d no of ur friends who’ll give d ans in comment section instead of personal message.

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Anita, your answer was perfect! BTW, how are you? You still in MA? Last year, we were fortunate to have met your parents when we swung by Shishir’s house on our way to drop our elder daughter (yes, the same as the subject of this puzzle) at Duke!

  3. By Anita Gohel on

    We are fine… Still in MA. I did see ur pictures in Charlotte last year…thanks for posting these math exercises!!!!!

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Wow! The second correct answer has come from our 14 year old friend Bijetri. I don’t think at that age I could have solved it…


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