30 April 2013

Flying to Jacksonville – a few stats

First time ever flying into Jacksonville. I have been there a couple of times but never flown in. It is rare these days for me – after 20 years of flying in US – to say that I am visiting a particular airport in this country for the first time. Jacksonville will be the 103rd airport I have ever flown into. 58th in US. Why I keep track of these things, I do not know. Some more statistics I keep track of – how many countries I have visited (30), how many countries I have run in (11) and such… Do you have any such statistic that you keep track of?

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  1. By Hal Boyd on

    46/50 states visited, 77 countries visited, 5 US Presidents met, 58 shows over 30 years with R.E.M., including going on tour with them on their final tour for 3 dates in Europe.

  2. By Michiko I. Wolcott on

    My husband keeps track of the number of cities in which our dog has done a certain activity, but I don’t imagine that’s appropriate here 😉

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Devashish, not sure others are defining. For my statistics, transits don’t count for airports or countries. BTW, my original question was not how many airports or countries you have been to – but do you have similar statistic that you find yourself tracking. I thought Michiko Had a great one. Heard from Sidharth – he tracks the total number of sneezes during pollen season!!!

  4. By Michiko I. Wolcott on

    Rajib: May I point out that the random variable “the total number of sneezes during pollen season” follows a Poisson distribution.

  5. By Devashish Chintamani on

    Rajib – no, I got your original question. I was just curious about the transit v/s actual leaving/entering an airport question…for me, it is a slightly more simple one – the number of days I have been away from home in a month/year/etc…!

  6. By Michiko I. Wolcott on

    Now, Devashish’s point has a practical implication for those of us with only a green card: the number of days spent out of country. Can’t be more than 182 days if we want to keep our status!

  7. By Rajib Roy on

    Michiko, I thought for it to be Poisson, the actual probability of the event has to be very low but the mean (population times prob) is a reasonable small finite number – like low double digits. Does sneezing qualify?

  8. By Michiko I. Wolcott on

    Rajib: anything that measures counts per space is a Poisson random variable. Space here is a season and counts… well you know.

  9. By Devashish Chintamani on

    Man, Rajib, you have me going now. I will need to graph out this data sometime….too many nuances that can be derived. On hindsight, I wish I had started keeping track of actual flight, hotel details, etc 22 years back 🙂

  10. By Baishali Chakraborty on

    Rajibda,though u asked about track records of visiting of foreign countries I’m going to share my experiences in WB. In India I just visited some places. As ur friend transfered from 1 district to another I’m lucky to visit the virgin beauty of nature of WB. I cann’t describe in words the natural beauties of Darjeeling. Almost every week we visited d remote villages & villagers with there splendid beauties. Same tradition continues in Digha,Birbhum,SouthDinajpur, South 24 Pgs. In Sundarban,The dense mangrove forests, Rivers with hundreds of inlets, staying in a launch at night & We r lucky enough to heard Royal Bengal Tiger’s roar these r all my track records.Have u ever visited Darjeeling,Sundarban?

  11. By Tirtha Tanay Mandal on

    I have attended 36 college festivals ( Technical fest/ cultural fests/ sports fests/management fest) as a student.


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