10 March 2013

Watch for the watch!!

Daylight savings time – it means I get to reset all those fancy watches Sharmila has bought to match all her fancy clothes. (and yes, I once again cut my nails the previous day 🙁 ). So, there is this particularly nice watch of hers that I had not seen before- and I mentioned to her that it looked really beautiful.

Apparently, she has had it for more than six months and she has worn it many times when we have gone out. In fact, she talked about specific people who had commented on how much they liked the watch. Well, I don’t notice these things anyways – so that did not surprise me.

Here is what did surprise me – as I attempted to reset the watch, I realized that it was already showing the correct time – post daylight saving time! And it is a mechanical watch – which means that when she bought it, it came with DST time set. So, all these days the watch has been showing the wrong time! She did not notice!!!

And all those retinue of friends of hers who admired her watch never cared to look at the time it was showing!!! Nice!!! Why the watch companies bother advertising “precision time” and “atomic clock”, I will never understand. I guess that is why we have iPhones to check the time 🙂 One of these days, I am going to remove the battery and see if (not when) she notices!!!

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